Facebook Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Instructions can be found at the following location
Instructions | Install Mafia Autoplayer

Before Installing the Mafia Autoplayer, you are required to get these 2 program installed
1) Firefox
2) Greasemonkey Addon for Firefox
  • auto refresh page with random time
  • auto mission mastery + (will get required loot/inventory)
  • auto fight / Rob
  • auto stats
  • auto health replenish
  • auto banking feature
  • job energy returns calculated
  • auto energy-pack usage
  • auto property purchase
  • auto property protect
  • auto property heal
  • superior log info collection
  • statistic collection
  • ride hitlist feature
  • auto lotto

version 0.9.17

-fighting fixed -lots of other fixes -new log filter features

version 0.9.14

-move travel menu -mission optimizations -hitman stats

version 0.9.12

-fixes for Zynga changes -bug eradication -message parsing enhancements

version 0.9.11

-new cuba mission support -non-english detection -fixes for Zynga changes -added 'chicken' detection -tons of enhancements

version 0.9.9

New features: -selling of Cuban business output -health blinks at 20-28 health -if no opponents found, skip fight/rob once before reattempting -display wheelman bonus in log -click simulation for job help -display user name in job help result Other fixes: -"script not responding" after being hitlisted -stamina burn factors in unspent energy -some timer fixes -go to home page when first becoming idle -auto-invite and player update processing no off when script is paused -fix reset of auto-stat -fix graphs that displayed two midnights -don't attempt to detect energy packs except on home page

version 0.9.7

auto lotto added bug fixes on property purchase auto-skip gift wall notices separate banking for cuba/NY --THANKS DOONCE!

version 0.9.5

emergency Zynga change fix adds tabs to log

version 0.9.4

updates to address zynga changes removed noise from player updates

version 0.9.3

Emergency zynga updates

version 0.9.2

Numerous fixes from recent Zynga updates. Cuba mission support (beta)

version 0.9.1


version 0.9

auto-buy properties!! (thanks CyB)
player Updates changes (can keep certain number after logged)
helicopter energy fix
minimum mafia settings in fight mode added
Bug fixes!

version 0.8.1

just a few bugfixes

version 0.8

Bug fixes
log player updates is an option
visual enhancements

version 0.7

Bug fixes Log tweaks added ride hitlist

version 0.6.4

Bug fixes to automission mastery and fight/rob Log clearing options added Log aesthetics improved auto property repair/protect added

version 0.6.3


Mafia Wars Auto Player Instructions

After installing, the script will be running as Paused. The only thing different will be what you see below.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 749 x 60)Image
Prior to clicking Resume, first click AutoPlay Settings. Most likely you don't want to use the default settings.


Zoom in (real dimensions: 618 x 595)Image


Mafia Wars - Free Godfather Rewards Points

Free Godfather Rewards Points

And RUSSIA is out! have fun collecting the tiger loots and deciding between the Vory and the Mafiya.


Mafia Wars Moscow Overview


All in all, Moscow is pretty similar to early Cuba. Money, although you get more of it for jobs, is still very tight, and you will have to end up repeating jobs to buy the items to complete the next tier.

There are two primary differences:

One is that one job and the boss fight in each tier have a "Get Help" button attached to them. The one job is very inefficient, around 1.3ish XP/energy cost. For level one mastery, you have to do the job 34 times to get through, for level 2 mastery, 50 times, and for level three mastery, 100 times (3%/2%/1%). You can "Get Help" on the job and completely skip it if enough friends help. The catch? You can only do this once every 24 hours. However, if you have an energy account, you can still power through it. In fact, if you have an energy account, I would recommend it - money is so tight you will need to repeat jobs anyway just to get the items for the next tier.

For example, on my energy account I powered through that job both at level 2 and 3 mastery in episode 1 and I had just barely enough money to buy all the items for Episode 1 and Episode 2.

The boss fight works a similar way - during the first and third level masteries, you have to click a "Get Help" button to do the job. You can only do this once every 24 hours. The downside? Well, you can not power through it and you can only do it once every 24 hours, so it takes at least 1 full day to master the first job tier, another couple days to master the 2nd episode, so on and so forth.


So here are some pictures (click to see full size) detailing the first set of jobs if you pick Mafiya (I did!):

So, as you can see, the EXP ratios are similar to starting out in Cuba. Also interesting is that for the first few jobs you need New York items. There is some consumable use in Moscow; you need a Dossier on Dmitri (found by doing the Buy Mafia Intel on Dmitri) to do the final job (Hospitalize Some Nationalists) leading up to the boss fight. Was not really a road block though, I did the Dossier job a few extra times when I needed money to reach the next tier.

Right now, there does not seem to be much of an advantage in choosing sides. I guess the job mastery rewards could be different, but we will not be able to tell until a full 24 hours passes from Moscow release so someone can complete a tier.

Other New Things:

There are new collections, businesses, and items. I will cover those in additional posts so that I can link to them and make them easy for everyone to find and see rather than lumping it all in one post.


Moscow Collections and Boosts

Here is a list of the new collections and boosts in Mafia Wars Moscow. There is only 2 so far because they only released 2 episodes.

Prison Tattoos Collection (Baklany Episode): +6 Defense

Items: Rose Tatto, Church Tattoo, Star Tattoo, Spider Tattoo, Tiger Tattoo, Skull Tattoo, Crucifix

Boost: Temporary Tattoo (+42 Fight Defense Skill)

Matryoshka Dolls Collection: +7 Energy

Items: Natalya's Doll, Olga's Doll, Oksana's Doll, Svetlana's Doll, Tatyana's Doll, Anastasiya's Doll, Ekaterina's Doll

Boost: Hidden Matryoshka (-20 job energy cost)


Mafia Wars Moscow Businesses

In Mafia Wars Moscow, businesses work a lot like they did in Cuba. So far there are three businesses. Unlike Cuba, they are unlocked as you progress through the story. You can buy the cigarette business after you unlock the third chapter in episode 1, and you can buy the Black-Market Car Lot after you unlock the third chapter in episode 2. Here are the businesses (text & pic):

Unlicensed Taxi Stand: You get this just by going to Moscow. Earns 15,000 Rubles every 3 hours.

Cigarette Smuggling Ring: Purchasable after unlocking Chapter 3 in Episode 1. With no upgrades it produces 30,000 Rubles / 3 hours.

Black-Market Car Lot: Costs 3,750,000 Rubles, purchasable after unlocking Chapter 3 in Episode 2. With no upgrades it produces 60,000 Rubles / 3 hours. Fully upgraded it produces Exotics and earns 336,000 Rubles every 3 hours.

Will update as more chapters are released!


Mafia Wars Hidden Tiger Loot

For this weekend only, as I am sure you have seen, there are 8 pieces of limited edition tiger loot to be found in game. These items drop completely randomly from fights and jobs. Here is the list:


Pro's 2 Iron (nice Tiger Woods reference): 24 attack, 12 defense
Tora Assault Rifle: 28 attack, 12 defense
Siberian Tiger: 36 attack, 14 defense
Liger: 45 attack, 12 defense


Tigerskin Armored Vest: 12 attack, 30 defense


Le Tigre: 26 attack, 15 defense
Tigershark Submersible: 37 attack, 18 defense
Tiger Tank: 18 attack, 43 defense


With that said, turns out there are two good items here, the Liger (45 attack weapon) and the Tiger Tank (43 defense vehicle). Don't worry about trying to collect these in large quantities though - I am pretty sure that these items will be outdated by the later Moscow episodes.


Difference Between Vory and Mafiya

As you progress through the chapters in Moscow, you have to make a choice between siding with the Vory or the Mafiya. It appears that you can freely choose whichever side you want each Episode; you can side with the Vory in Episode 1 and then side with the Mafiya in Episode 2. Here are the known differences between the two tiers, broken down by Episode:

Episode 1, Baklany:

In chapter 2, there is one job difference between each side:

The top job, Collect the Ransom, is Vory only, while the Collect the Hit Payoff job is Mafiya only. Here are the two different items possible from this job:

The Cherepakha Compact is Vory Only.

And the Molotok Pistol is Mafiya Only.

As you can see, the only difference in Episode 1 in choosing a side is if you want access to a bad vehicle or weapon. The Mafiya pathway costs more money (you need 6 Takis which are 1,000,000 Rubles) while in the Vory pathway you only need 3 Taksis (you need 6 Mototsyki which are only 500,000 Rubles a piece). On the other hand, The Mafiya pathway is more efficient (1.71 xp per energy vs 1.68 xp per energy). It really makes no difference.

Update: This is the job mastery reward for episode one for both Vory and Mafiya, so really for the first tier there is no significant difference between job paths.

And yes, another combat item... /yawn.

Episode 2, Boets:

There are more significant differences between the path you choose at this stage, although it does not seem to make too much of a difference yet:

Differences in Jobs:

Vory Job Tier

Mafiya Job Tier

Differences in Loot:

Vory Only Loot

Mafiya Only Loot

Well, as you can see, not too much of a difference. The vehicle is a little bit better than the weapon, but if you have a fleet of Track Loaders / Hu-9's / Armored State cars, it does not matter.

There are different jobs between each tier that you can see in the pictures above. One thing to note is that the differences in payment between jobs is potentially due to differences in bagmen between characters. One main difference is that Vory is required to use Concealable Cameras to work through Episode 2 does not have them required. Other than that, it is too early to call until we see if the job mastery reward items are different (I am guessing they are not).


Mafia Wars Job Mastery Items

After mastering all the jobs in a specific tier 3 times, you will master the tier, get a title and a reward item. Here are these reward items:

Master Street Thug - Pistol Bayonet: +4% damage done in fights

This is an easy one to get, and definitely worth it! Dealing more damage in fights is a great bonus.

Master Associate - Bugatti: -7% damage taken in fights

Also an easy one to get, and definitely worth it. Will win more fights with this item.

Master Soldier - Golden Skull: 30 second reduction on health regen timer

Pretty worthless. You have to master soldier to become a master in the next tier though.

Master Enforcer - Money Plate: 5% discount on property purchases

Not bad. Every little bit helps if you are on the quest for the "Nest Egg" achievement.

Master Hitman - Chainsaw Bayonet: 30 second reduction on stamina regen timer

Also pretty good. This item lets you attack other players more often.

Master Capo - State Senator: 5% discount on property repairs

Not all that great. If you are spending a lot of money on repairs, see the "How Not to Get Robbed" post.

Master Consigliere - Helicopter - 30 second reduction on energy regen timer

Lets you regen energy more often. Not bad I'd say!

Master Underboss - Private Island - +5% more experience points from jobs

This is the best reward item in my opinion. It makes leveling up a lot easier!

Master Boss - Golden Throne - 2x the energy regenerated per regen period

This is final reward item. I think it is bugged. Right now, you can only get 1 energy regenerated per regen period, so with this item you get 2 energy. However, at higher levels, if you watch your energy regen, it goes up by 2 (without the golden throne) but when you refresh the page, it goes back down to only 1. I think if the creators update the game at some point, this item might get better, and provide more than 2 energy per regen period.


Heartrate's Mafia Wars Tools


Spockholm's Mafia Wars Tools


Vern's Mafia Wars Tools


Mafia Wars Combat Calculator


Mafia Wars Boosts. What are they?

One new feature in Mafia Wars is the boost. Also, a new Cuba tier was added - El Cacique. I'll cover boosts in this post, Cacique in the next. Boosts are consumable power-ups that give you added bonuses, for example +5 attack when fighting or energy reduction costs for jobs.

You can get them two ways. The simpler ones can be bought by going to Inventory, then "Boosts". As of now, you need to be in New York to buy boosts, they are not sold in Cuba (yet). I am assuming they will put more purchasable boosts in. This is a needed change because it actually gives Mafia Wars players something to do with their virtual cash. Here are some pictures:

That is an example of some the three boosts you can buy. You may notice that below it is an item called "Hobo Lookout" which provides +60 robbing skill. The more powerful boosts like this one are the result of turning in collection items. You can re-vault a collection to receive a number of boosts. This number appears to vary from collection to collection (but it not a random number). Feel free to post in the comments how many items each vault gives so I can post it up.

Boosts are automatically used if you have them. As an example, one of my hobos will be used up every time I am robbed. Once I have been robbed 7 times, all my hobos will be gone and I will no longer get that bonus. Here is an picture showing using a boost in a fight:

This is where the new interface comes in handy; things would get quite messy if your boost was listed somewhere in the wall of text of equipment in the old fighting interface.

When you vault a collection, you get a message like this:
The boosts can then be found in your inventory. There is a different set of boosts for each collection. Here is a complete list:

Diamond Flush Collection:
Tripwire: +10 fight defense skill

Heart Flush Collection:
Cappuccino: -3 job energy costs

Sculptures Collection:
Alarm System: +15 robbing defense skill

Poker Chips Collection:
Bulldog: +18 fight defense skill

Club Flush Collection:
Problem Solver: -5 job energy costs

Boxing Collection:
Semi-Pro Boxer: +15 attack skill

Cigars Collection:
Fixer: -8 job energy cost

Spade Flush Collection:
Sting Grenade: +20 attack skill

Billiards Collection:
Bouncer: +27 robbing defense skill

Rings Collection:
Blueprints: -10 job energy cost

Ties Collection:
Injunction: +25 fight defense skill

Paintings Collection:
Motion Detector: +37 robbing defense skill

Cufflinks Collection:
Corporate Muscle: +35 attack skill

Barber Collection:
Shave and a Haircut: +30 fight defense skill

Great Race Horses Collection:
Inside Tip: -16 job energy costs

Cuba Boosts (need to be at Cuba collections screen to turn these in):

Rum Drinks Collection:
Flaming Shot: +30 attack skill

Tropical Fruits Collection:
Boosted Smoothie: -18 job energy costs (2 received per vault)

Entertainers Collection:
Sandbag Wall: +35 fight defense skill (7 received per vault)

Tropical Fish Collection:
Blowfish Dart: +40 attack skill

Beards Collection:
Hobo Lookout: +60 defense skill (7 received per vault)


All in all, a nice little addition to the game. Hopefully the developers will add more boosts that you can purchase with money so that in game currency actually has some value!


How Lotto Works?

Once a week, 5 lotto numbers are selected randomly by the computer. You may enter tickets into the drawing with the "Lotto" function. You can find this under the Godfather tab, then by clicking "Lotto" on that page. If you match a certain number of numbers, you can win prizes. Here they are:

Daily Chance Prizes
5 matching balls
333 reward points
4 matching balls
8 reward points
3 matching balls
A Daily Chance collection piece
2 matching balls
An unused Daily Chance ticket
1 matching balls
A random loot item

Four matching balls = 8 reward points? I mean, what are the odds for just 8 reward points? Weird.

Third, you get a point for each daily chance ticket you play. You can let these points build up to 6 total points and exchange them for rewards.

1 Ticket: Random Collection Item
2 Tickets: +10 Stamina
3 Tickets: +30 Energyy
4 Tickets: +1 Ticket
5 Tickets: +1 Stat Point
6 Tickets: +5 Godfather Points

This is actually pretty nice because without buying any reward points, you can collect an extra 5 godfather points per week. Collecting 5 Godfather Points is equivalent to ~1.43 stat points, which makes it more effective then buying +1 stat point.

You get one free ticket every day, and you may additionally buy a ticket for 52 godfather points. Doing some simple math here allows me to think it might take quite some time to collect the full lotto collection set, so I hope it is a good reward (will update when I get the information). None of the other rewards are that exciting- while 333 godfather points looks good on paper, the odds of matching all 5 are like winning the real lottery!

***UPDATE*** - lotto seems to give consumable items instead now, like illegal transaction records, cell phones, and blackmail photos instead of rare loot items.


How to win Fights on Defense in Mafia Wars?

The best way to avoid losing fights in Mafia Wars is to not get attacked in the first place. The same tips that I covered earlier in the "How Not to Get Robbed" section will also help prevent you from being attacked. However, if you like to fight other players, it is inevitable that at some point you will encounter another player who will either put you on the hitlist or get his buddies to attack you. In this situation, there are a couple things you can do to boost your defense:

1. Recruit more Mafia Members

It's a bit of a redundant theme at this point, but one of the easiest things you can do to not lose as many fights on defense is to add mafia members. If you are lacking mafia members, look for groups on facebook like "Mafia Wars Recruitment Center" and you will be able to find more mafia members there.

2. Equip your Mafia

Now that you've added more mafia members (or already had 500), it's important that they are fully equipped. You will want one weapon, armor, and vehicle for each person in your mafia. The higher the defense on the items, the better off you will be when defending yourself from attacks. Here is a list of the best equipment (weapons, armor, and vehicles both bought from the shop and dropped by jobs) for defense:


Gaff Hook - 30 defense - dropped from the "Pillage a Shipyard" job in the El Jefe tier.


Guerrilla Squad - 34 defense - dropped from the "Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle" job in the El Padrino tier.


Armored State Car
- 38 defense - dropped from the "Storm the Presidential Palace" job in the El Padrino tier. This is no better than the Private Jet on defense, but it does also have quite a bit of attack (30) and can be a bit easier to get.

Private Jet - 38 Defense - Dropped from jobs and fights
Description: This item has a chance to drop from the "Make a deal with the Mexican Cartel" job in Mafia Wars. If you want more defense, work on replacing your town cars with Private Jets by doing this job over and over again. The drop rate on this item is not good, so be sure you are a Master Boss before collecting it - mastering a tier gives items a +10% drop rate!

3. Put points in Defense

Even if you have a full Mafia with all the best equipment, if you have no points in defense, you will still lose fights to high-end players. One easy way to get points is to do the collections; several of these, such as the ties and rings, will add a good bit of defense to your stats. One point in defense for every level you have will set you up to be above-average when it comes to getting attacked. Additionally, use your godfather points from leveling up for stats, and put those in defense if you feel like you are still getting killed too easily.


By filling up your mafia, collecting the best defensive weapons, armor, and vehicles, and by putting some points in defense, you can be sure to cut down on your losses in the future!


How to win a lot of easy fights?

The best way to win easy fights is to find a weak player and attack them over and over. However, even better, is to find an inactive weak player. Many people quit playing mafia wars but leave their accounts active. If you attack an inactive player, you don't have to worry about being put on the hitlist or being attacked by higher level friends of the person you are attacking.

How to spot an inactive player:

Inactive players tend to be low in level, have small mafias, and have old collectibles. The only way to know for sure is to attack the person and look at the report of the fight. Here is an example of a fight with an inactive player(click picture to see it):

Poor Don Mahoney..

The way you distinguish between a new player and an inactive player is by looking at what items you have. The person in this picture (attacked earlier today) has 2 Cupid's Tommy Guns. These were limited edition loot items which were only available around Valentine's Day. Getting two of these weapons requires 5 mafia members. As a result, we can conclude that the person in the picture above has not added anyone to their mafia since around Valentine's Day - that is they quit playing several months ago. And as you can also see in the picture, attacking low level players can still result in good item drops (a police cruiser in this case)! To double check for inactive players, make sure the target's level does not increase over the next few days. If it stays the same, you're golden!

Now that you've spotted this inactive easy target, you need to bookmark their profile. Simply bookmarking the attack page will not work - you have to open their profile in a new window, then bookmark the new page. Here is a step-by-step guide with pictures to clear things up:

1. Once you find your weak inactive target, open their profile in a new tab or window(by right clicking his name), like so:

2. Bookmark the new tab or window that opens up (ctrl + d on most computers). Now instead of attacking random players off of the attack list and hoping you win, you have access to this weak inactive player all the time, right in your favorites list!

3. You can even save time by bookmarking the "attack" link, so that you can simply click your bookmark and attack the inactive player. The advantage here is that you can hit your refresh button (F5 on most computers) times to spend all your stamina attacking the same weak target. This works well with the leveling guide.

4. Profit! Easy wins without retribution.. after all, why would an inactive player care if you attacked them all the time?


How to Win Fights in Mafia Wars?

If you want to know how to win fights in Mafia Wars, you've come to the right place. If you read Part 1 (Sizing Up Your Opponent) of this article, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not you'll be able to beat your opponent in a fight. Or perhaps you've attacked him several times and just can't seem to win. Here are the things you can do to make your character stronger in fights:

1. Increase your Mafia size

This is becoming a common theme no doubt. A bigger mafia will win more fights! Regardless of level, you can use 501 Mafia Members (i.e. you + 500) in any fight. The closer you are to that number, the better off you are going to be!

2. Equip your Mafia

Each Mafia member can use 1 (and only 1) weapon, armor, and vehicle when attacking other players. There is no advantage in having more than 1 weapon per mafia member. Only the best weapon will be selected to be used in combat. The only thing that matters when picking the best equipment for offense is its attack rating. Defense is not important! Here are the best items you can collect for offense:

Updated for Cuba


TNT - 42 Attack, 20 defense - drops from the "Raid the Arms Depot" job in the El Padrino tier.


Hu-9 Helicopter - 36 attack, 27 defense - drops from the "Attack the Army Command Post" job in the El Padrino tier.


Guerrilla Squad - 30 attack, 34 defense - drops from the "Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle" job in the El Padrino tier.

As you can see, the items from jobs have a significantly higher level of attack than the store bought versions. Keep doing the jobs listed above to collect these items if you want a better chance of winning fights! Additionally, when you master a tier all 3 times, items from jobs in that tier times will have a +10% drop rate. So before doing a job to collect items, make sure the whole tier is mastered. Furthermore, having more than 1 weapon, armor, or vehicle does little for your mafia- in other words, if you have 501 TNT, collecting any more weapons will do nothing for your offensive power. Collecting TNT for everyone in your mafia can take some time, but doing so will give you an edge in fights!

3. Put points in Attack

Even a full mafia with the best equipment will struggle if there are no points in the attack category. Even if you are following the leveling guide, at some point, you will need to put your stat points in "Attack" if you wish to be successful in attacking a lot of players. The formula for attacking other player seems to use attack as a multiplicative function - that is Mafia Size and equipment alone aren't enough to win fights, you need a solid combination of both of these factors.

4. Do not waste godfather points on reward items

This goes right along with point #3. At the moment, reward items flat out are not good (maybe the developers will improve them in the future). The weapons, armor, and vehicles rarely have much more attack or defense rating then what is already available through jobs. Sometimes it is even worse! Rather than get the reward items, spend your points on the +4 stat upgrade, and put points in attack. This will do much more for your fighting ability then buying these items.


By increasing your Mafia size (up to 501), making sure your mafia is stocked up on the best equipment, by putting some stat points in Attack, and by spending Godfather points on stats to add to attack, you can be sure to increase your chances of winning. However, you will never win 100% of fights - opponents who are Top Mafia bodyguards have a chance to always win on defense, plus critical hits, which are infrequent but occur, will always cause a loss in a fight.

Good luck!


Sizing Up Your Opponent

A brief guide on guessing whether or not you will be able to win a fight in Facebook's Mafia Wars

One of the most popular questions I get is "how to win fights in mafia wars." Winning fights in Mafia Wars is easy - be stronger than your opponent! The problem is, you don't know if you're stronger than the guy who keeps robbing your buddy's casinos. This leaves you with a few questions:

1. How do I know if I'm stronger than my opponent?

2. If I'm not stronger than my opponent, how can I make my character stronger?

I'll start with the first question.

How do I know if I will win a fight?

The short answer is you don't know until you try. However, there are a few ways that you can size up your opponent before attacking him.

Mafia Size - Okay, this is an easy one. If your enemy's mafia is larger than yours, odds are he will win in a fight. If their mafia is smaller, odds are you will win. If you need mafia members, there are multiple recruitment groups and threads on facebook that exist for the purpose of finding new mafia members.

Win to Loss Ratio - Take a look at the picture below:

This player has won 22 fights and lost 92 fights. In other words, they've lost 92 fights out of 114 (~80%) total fights. Anyone with a losing % of more than 50% is going to be a pretty easy target. Anyone with a winning % of more than 80% is going to be a tough target. Anyone with a winning % of around 90% is going to be very tough. This is not 100% foolproof. Example: a player puts all his stat points in attack, and only collects attack items, while putting nothing in defense. However, this is usually not the case. Especially if you see someone with 90% win percentage - they are able to win both on attack and defense often, which means the player in question is quite strong.

In order to get a clearer idea on the issue, compare your losing % with your foe's percentage. If your mafias are roughly the same size and you have a higher win percentage then your opponent, you'll probably win the fight. If you have a lower win percentage, the odds are not in your favor!

Interpreting other stats

If the mafia size and win/loss % are inconclusive, other stats are available. Compare deaths to mobsters whacked - if a player has a lot more kills then deaths, odds are he's a pretty tough player. Same goes with times robbed to successful heists - if someone has never been robbed but has a lot of successful heists, be careful!


Compare your mafia size and win to loss ratio to your potential opponent. If you have a bigger mafia and better win/loss ratio, you're likely to win! If not, you should reconsider attacking. If you and your opponent are similar on both, look at the kill to death ratio and heists to times robbed ratio - if your opponent dies more often then you do, you have a good chance to win! Same goes for successful heists to times robbed ratio (if someone gets robbed a lot, they are an easy target for fights). With these tips, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not you will be able to beat another player in a fight without ever attacking them! Tomorrow I will answer the second question - how to make your character stronger so that you can win more fights and beat tougher opponents!


Mafia Wars Collections & Collection Items

In the facebook version of Mafia Wars, collections sets of items that drop randomly while doing jobs. Each collection is tied to a specific job tier (i.e. soldier, enforcer, hitman, etc.) and the items from each collection a chance to drop when doing jobs of the corresponding tier. When you collect a full set, you can "vault" the items (an option under the inventory tab) for a permanent stat bonus.

Here is a list of the collections available in Facebook's Mafia Wars and the rewards available for collecting each set of items:

Street Thug Tier:

Diamond Flush Collection - Reward - +1 energy
Items in set: Eight of Diamonds, Nine of Diamonds, Ten of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds

Associate Job Tier:

Heart Flush Collection - Reward - +5 Health
Items in Set: Eight of Hearts, Nine of Hearts, Ten of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Ace of Hearts

Soldier Job Tier:

Sculptures Collection - Reward - +3 Defense
Items in Set: Rat Sculpture, Sheep Sculpture, Rooster Sculpture, Tiger Sculpture, Snake Sculpture, Dragon Sculpture

Poker Chips Collection - Reward - +2 Attack
Items in Set: White Poker Chip, Brown Poker Chip, Red Poker Chip, Blue Poker Chip, Green Poker Chip, Purple Poker Chip, Gold Poker Chip

Club Flush Collection - Reward - +3 Attack
Items in Set: Eight of Clubs, Nine of Clubs, Ten of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, King of Clubs, Ace of Clubs

Boxing Collection - Reward - +3 Attack
Items in Set: Hand Tape, Gloves, Headgear, Boxing Trunks, Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Boxing Ring

Enforcer Job Tier:

Cigars Collection - Reward - +2 Energy
Items in Set: Ebony Cigar, Sky Cigar, Rose Cigar, Ivory Cigar, Turquoise Cigar, Gold Cigar, Royal Cigar

Spade Flush Collection - Reward - +2 Stamina
Items in Set: Eight of Spades, Nine of Spades, Ten of Spades, Jack of Spades, Queen of Spades, King of Spades, Ace of Spades

Billiard Balls Collection - Reward - +1 Stamina
Items in Set: One Ball, Two Ball, Three Ball, Four Ball, Five Ball, Cue Ball, Eight Ball

Hitman Job Tier:

Rings Collection - Reward - +5 Defense
Items in Set: Topaz Ring, Opal Ring, Amethyst Ring, Emerald Ring, Sapphire Ring, Ruby Ring, Diamond Ring

Ties Collection - Reward - +6 Defense
Items in Set: Solid Tie, Striped Tie, Checked Tie, Geometric Tie, Dot Tie, Paisley Tie, Knitted Tie

Capo Job Tier:

Paintings Collection - Reward - +6 Energy
Items in Set: Warhol Painting, Cezanne Painting, Matisse Painting, Van Gogh Painting, Dali Painting, Monet Painting, Rembrandt Painting

Cufflinks Collection - Reward - +10 Health
Items in Set: Silver Cufflinks, Gold Cufflinks, Amber Cufflinks, Jasper Cufflinks, Agate Cufflinks, Onyx Cufflinks, Pearl Cufflinks

Barber Shop Collection - Reward - +4 Energy
Items in Set: Barber Pole, Razor, Brush, Seat, Towel, Scissors, Cream

Consigliere Job Tier:

Great Race Horses Collection - Reward - +7 Energy
Items in Set: Mill Reef, Sea Bird, Arkle, Golden Miller, St Simon, Ormonde, Eclipse

Mafia Wars: Cuba Collections

El Soldado Job Tier
Rum Drinks Collection
Reward: +8 energy
Items: Pina Colada, Hurricane, Bahama Mama, Mojito, Rum Runner, Long Island Ice Tea, Cuba Libre

El Capitan Job Tier
Tropical Fruits Collection
Reward: +3 Stamina
Items: Banana, Lime, Pineapple, Papaya, Coconut, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit

El Jefe Job Tier
Entertainers Collection
Reward: +10 Health
Items: Magician, Fan Dancer, Comedian, Band Leader, Cabaret Singer, Crooner, Burlesque Dancer

El Patron Job Tier
Tropical Fish Collection
Reward: +5 Attack
Items: Pufferfish, Sergeant Major, Yellowtail Snapper, Great Barracuda, Queen Angelfish, Reef Shark, Blue Martin

El Padriano Job Tier
Beards Collection
Reward: +7 Defense (also an achievement)
Items: Garibaldi, Hulihee, Vandyke, Mutton Chops, Soul Patch, French Fork, Fidel


Table Of Contents

The Most Comprehensive Restaurant City Guide, Tips and Database ever compiled. Pack with up to date items, tools, tips, tricks and guide on how to play Playfish's latest game, Restaurant City.


How to not get robbed in Mafia Wars ?

f you're reading this, you've probably been robbed... and are probably annoyed because you have to pay for repairs all the time. Additionally, you make less money on properties until they are repaired, which is no fun either. As of this post, my character (which I leveled with the same strategy outlined in the leveling guide) owns 170 Office Buildings, 180 5-star hotels, 130 mega casinos, and 80 marinas for a total income of over 100 million an hour. Here's the kicker: he's never been robbed, ever.

Not bad for never being robbed, eh?

Without further ado, here are my top tips on how not to get robbed:

1. Your mafia size should be at least the equivalent of your level.

Unlike defending fights, the amount of mafia members that can "help out" is equal to your level. So, if you don't want to get robbed and are level 70, you should have at least 70 people in your mafia. By having less mafia members then your level, you become a big target.

2. Make sure your mafia is equipped.

Mafia members are only as strong as the weapons and armor you give them. Make sure every mafia member has a decent weapon, armor, and vehicle to use. If you don't have money for that, then why are you buying property?

3. Level Up!

I'm not talking about leveling up to put more points in defense or get more mafia members. Getting out of the low levels early is important for property health - players at higher levels do not rob as often, if at all. Why? Because it is not worth the stamina. Fighting yields more experience and has a chance to drop the best weapons (AR-15s), vehicles (Humvees), and job items (like blackmail photos) that the high level players need.

The 650,000-750,000$ that is standard for robbing a casino pales in comparison to the amount of cash the "Boss" jobs produce. High level players do jobs for money rather than rob. On that note, if you are power leveling, you may find it hard to keep your mafia size equal to your level. The solution is simple - if you can't keep your mafia size equal to your level, just don't buy property (aside from Mafia Mike's) until you are around level 150. Players around level 20-80 rob much more frequently then high level players.

4. Don't rob other players.

As noted in point #3, high level players do not like to rob. The only reason to rob is to get revenge for their low level buddies. So, if you don't piss anyone off (i.e. by robbing them), you are much less likely to get robbed in return.

5. Win a lot of fights.

In Mafia Wars, the best defense is a good offense. When robbing someone, you can only see a few statistics - number of mafia members, whether the property is protected, and the profile stats (such as fights won and lost) of the person you are trying to rob. Since a player can't actually see your defense rating, a high level of defense does little to deter attacks. What they can see however, is your win to loss ratio on fights. I know I'm a lot less likely to try to fight or rob someone that has won 10,000 fights and only lost 1,000! However, when I see someone who has lost many more fights then they have won, I know it's an easy target.

6. Don't put people on the hitlist.

If you WANT to get robbed, be sure to put someone on the hitlist. Not only will the person you put a hit out on rob you repeatedly, but so will his friends. Additionally, when someone posts a hit, their name is shown on the hitlist as well. Some bored higher level players get entertainment out of robbing and attacking people who put out hits rather than attacking for the reward money! Avoid putting your name out there and you won't get robbed (or attacked) as much.

7. Protect your property.

Protecting your property is not as expensive as you might think - it only needs to be done once if you never get robbed! If you followed steps 1-5 and protect your property, the your odds of getting robbed are slim-to-none. If you never have to pay for repairs, you'll save a lot of money!


If you are getting robbed constantly in mafia wars, just add more people to your mafia, win a lot of fights (if your attack rating is low find a whipping boy), don't rob other players, don't put out hits, and protect your property. If all else fails, level to 150 as fast as you can- people at that level don't rob as much. Do this and I guarantee you your robbery rates will go way down!


When to use the Bank and how to buy Property - Being smarter with your Mafia Money

I see this consistently - mid to high level players with a lot of money banking their money in New York religiously. Unless you are under level 50, this is a big mistake! Let's take a look at some math:

Let's say you are around level 80 and are working through the Consigliere tier.

1. Each job seems to pay an average of around $5,000,000 and there are 8 total jobs to master, so you'll end up doing a few hundred jobs to finish the tier.
2. So, let's say you do 300 jobs at $5,000,000 a piece.
3. This will leave you with $1,500,000,000 by the time you are finished.
4. If you deposit this in the bank, you will pay a -10% fee. This is $150,000,000.
5. Each time you lose a fight, you can lose a maximum of $100,000.
6. Therefore, you would have to lose 1500 fights in order to save money by using the bank.

Well, some people have lost more than 1500 fights, it's true. However, these players generally are Master Bosses and have been playing for some time. In the Master Boss tier, the average job pays 15,000,000 and you have to do over 1000 jobs to finish the tier. By the time you master every tier, you should have made at least 20-30 billion dollars. If you divide $30,000,000,000 by $100,000 (the most you can lose in a fight), you would have to lose 300,000 fights to save money. So, in short, if you are over level 50, you are wasting money (in New York) by using the bank.

However, Mafia Wars: Cuba is a different story.

The Bank is actually useful in Mafia Wars: Cuba. You can still lose up to 100,000 per fight, but this time it is scarce pesos. Fully upgraded businesses produce just over 300,000 cuban pesos per day, which you could lose most of in just a couple fights. Protect your money in Cuba and deposit it right away!

How to Buy Property

When buying property, always buy it in stacks of 10. It is much cheaper to get 10 casinoes for 300,000 a piece then it is to get one for 300,000, one for 305000, another for 310000, and so on.

Additionally, not all property types were created equal. The cost per building for casinoes goes up much faster than that of office buildings and five-star hotels. So, buy the property that is going to provide the most return on investment (ROI). For example, if you have 100 casinoes and 100 office buildings, and are looking to buy more.

As a theoretical example:

Office buildings produce 150,000/hr and 10 more would cost 1,200,000,000
Investment = 1,200,000,000
Return = 150,000/hr * 10 buildings

This investment will pay 1$ for every 800 invested per hour (1,200,000,000 / 150,000). This means it will repay the initial investment in 800 hours and begin to produce a profit after that of 1$/800 invested.

Casinoes produce 300,000/hr and 10 more would cost 3,000,000,000

This investment will repay itself in 1000 hours (3,000,000,000 / 300,000) and begin to produce a profit after that of 1$/1000 invested.

In short, you should not have the same amount of casinoes, hotels, and office buildings. If you really want that Nest Egg achievement, pay attention to which property will provide the most ROI.


What is the best weapon in Mafia Wars?

In Mafia Wars, not including reward points weapons, the TNT is the best weapon for attacking, and the Gaff Hook is the best weapon for defending. TNT is dropped from the "Raid the Arms Depot" job and the Gaff Hook is dropped from the "Pillage a Shipyard" job. If you are going by combined stats, TNT has the highest at 62.

TNT (+62) Cuban Weapon found in the job 'Raid The Arms Depot'

TNT - 42 Attack, 20 defense - drops from the "Raid the Arms Depot" job in the El Padrino tier.


Armored State Car (+68) Cuban Vehicle found in the job 'Storm The Presidential Palacet'


Hu-9 Helicopter - 36 attack, 27 defense - drops from the "Attack the Army Command Post" job in the El Padrino tier.


Guerrilla Squad (+64) Cuban Armor found in the job 'Supply The FRG With Some Extra Muscle'
Guerrilla Squad - 30 attack, 34 defense - drops from the "Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle" job in the El Padrino tier.


How To Make Fast Money in Mafia Wars?

Step 1
Do missions that have high payouts. You can see how much money each mission in Mafia Wars gives you by looking at the description under the jobs tab. Complete missions that have low energy cost but high payouts. Some missions in Mafia Wars will cost less energy but payout high amounts of money. Completing these missions will allow you to get more jobs done and allow you to earn more money faster in Mafia Wars. (refer to Mafia Wars - Guide to Topping the Mafia List)

Step 2
Buy Property. Buying property in Mafia Wars on Facebook will allow your character to bring in income every hour or so, depending on the class that you have chosen for your character. You must purchase undeveloped spaces before you can buy actual properties. Every time you log into Mafia Wars on Facebook, buy as many properties as possible to help build your Mafia's income.

Step 3
Ask your Mafia Wars friends to promote you to their Safecracker or Bagman. If you have 2 or more Mafia Wars friends, try to get them to promote you to both so that you have multiple oportunities to gain more money.

  1. Safecrackers in Mafia Wars gain a certain percent more cash from fights.
  2. The Bagman in Mafia Wars allows you to gain a certain percent more cash from jobs. If you are promoted to either of these, you will have a chance to gain more money faster while playing Mafia Wars on Facebook.

Step 4
Rob other mafias. You can rob other Mafia's property by clicking on the Fight tab and then going to Robbing. Rob mafias that have close to the same amount of members as you and close to the same level so that you will get the maximum cash reward without taking a chance of failing. This will help you earn money faster in Mafia Wars on Facebook.


10 Mafia Wars Strategies to Dominate Mafia Wars On Facebook

Mafia Wars is one of the most popular games that are available on the social networking site of Facebook, Myspace and others. The problem is that there isn’t really any official guide or manual to help players out. That’s why we thought we should help you out with our own Mafia Wars strategies to help you win. We’ve been playing this game for a while now and we have to say that it is pretty addictive. It’s just one of those things that are so much fun that you want to keep playing it. It’s cool because the game consists of social networking and building a family required to be successful.

We thought that these Mafia Wars strategies would be best served by displaying the most important things you need to understand about the game. Here are the 10 strategies you need to know:

1. Put Your Money In A Bank – This is a game that is about mobs. Having money on you makes you more susceptible to losing it in a fight or by getting robbed. Put it in a bank.

2. Be Good to the Family – The only way to be successful at this game is having a strong family. That means you have to buy weapons and other items required to make each part of the family strong. Make sure there are no weak people on the team.

3. Defend Your Family – You’re a team and you have to keep your family strong. When one person is in trouble, you have to answer that call for help.

4. Work and Buy Property – You got to work hard to get as much money as possible, so you can start buying up property.

5. Get the Best Weapons – There are a lot of weapons to choose from, but you have to go with the ones that are going to provide the most attack points. You send your strongest weapons into fight first because you need to do as much damage as possible.

6. Double Each Level – Your attack and defense points should be at least two times as strong as the scale for the particular level you’re in. If you’re in level 2, you should have your attack and defense points at 4.

7. Don’t Brag About Gifts – Giving gifts to family members is a nice thing to do, but it is annoying to play the game when this fact is announced. It’s just excessive information that is completely not necessary.

8. Save Energy Packs – Typically when you’re within 200 points of reaching the next level, you shouldn’t be using any energy packs. Save them for after you make it to the next level, so you can instantly reenergize then.

9. Go to Cuba – When you reach level 35, you’ll have the first chance to go to Cuba. You should do it because you can obtain much better weapons and get some experience.

10. Be a Fan of Stone Cold Pimps – This is a trick you can use to help get a lot more people to join your mafia family.


Mafia Wars - Guide to Topping the Mafia List

This is a pretty unique Mafia Wars guide because it isn’t teaching you how to do one little thing, but will show you how to play the entire game properly. When you get right down to it, the best strategy is properly allocating your points between attack, energy, health, defense and stamina. Obviously, it is best to choose a way to play the game and fit everything accordingly. These are some of the basic guidelines that you should be following. Feel free to use these strategies in combination with others.

The most popular strategy in this game is called Leveler. The reason that it is so popular is that you can level up the fastest using it. The idea behind this is quite simple. All you want to do is put all your points into energy, so you can do a ton of jobs. The more jobs you do and doing the ones with more experience will allow you to level up faster. Here are some of the best jobs for experience to energy ratios.

1. Street Thug Tier: Auto Theft (1.33 ratio)
2. Associate Tier: Bank Heist (1.77 ratio)
3. Soldier Tier: Museum Break-In (1.5 ratio)
4. Enforcer Tier: Run Illegal Poker Game, Manufacture Tokens, Get Cheating Deck (1.83 ratio)
5. Hitman Tier: Protect City Against Rival Family, Assassinate Political Figure (1.77 ratio)
6. Capo Tier: Whack a Rival Crew Leader (1.68 ratio)
7. Consigliere Tier: Steal an Arms Shipment (1.82 ratio)
8. Underboss Tier: Oder a Hit on a Public Official (1.96 ratio)
9. Boss Tier: Travel to the Old Country (1.978 ratio)

All the rations listed in this Mafia Wars guide are based on experience gained and the amount of energy to do the job. Also the calculations include 11% more experience bonus and a 10% less energy bonus. It is important to understand the bonuses because this might cause the ratios to be a little different. This is why it is important to have strong players in the Mastermind and Wheelman Top Mafia positions. Even though the ratios may be different, they’ll still be the strongest.

Another strategy we wanted to go over in this Mafia Wars guide is the fighter strategy. The idea behind this is also simple by putting all your points to attack and defense equally. You do it equally because you’ll be more rounded than if you put more in attack and less in defense. Attack and defense skills aren’t the only things that inevitably lead to winning a fight, so you’ll have to pay attention to the other skills you’ll need. The size of your mafia will play a big roll. You should be aiming at getting over 500 members.

As the size of the mafia grows, you’ll have to have items for each member. Things like weapons, armor and vehicles will be needed for each of the members. There are also loot weapons that can be used too. As your players get stronger it is important to also build up their stamina. Basically being strong is good, but you need the stamina to put the strength to use.

We suggest attacking mafias that are smaller than yours. It is really the only way to make sure that you’re actually going to win the fight. It’s a pretty simple method to follow and can be quite a beneficial way to go.


Mafia Wars - Wishlist ID Master Database

Still confuse how to put the item(s) on your wishlist?
I found this great handy tips from Zynga forum. You can put the item(s) without having them first.

Go to your loot page, and make sure you have an empty slot on your wishlist. Right click the link for "add to wish list" on any loot item you own. Select copy shortcut (or copy link location, depending on your browser). Paste it into the address bar. Go to the very end of the url, and you will see this:


gift category 0 is for vault collections, 1 is loot, 2 is for boosts.
gift ID is available on the list below

Find your desired item below (list is sorted by ID) and replace the number you currently have for a gift id. Press enter.

City parameter does not matter, can be 1 or 2.

For example :
~ If you want to put Ebony Cigar, you have to change the blue and red text above into this one.

~ If you want to put Canonazo, put this link on your browser.

Here is the full list:

gift_category=0&gift_id=1 Ebony Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=2 Sky Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=3 Rose Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=4 Ivory Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=5 Turquoise Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=6 Gold Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=7 Royal Cigar
gift_category=0&gift_id=8 Topaz Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=9 Opal Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=10 Amethyst Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=11 Emerald Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=12 Sapphire Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=13 Ruby Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=14 Diamond Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=15 Warhol Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=16 Cezanne Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=17 Matisse Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=18 Van Gogh Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=19 Dali Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=20 Monet Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=21 Rembrandt Painting
gift_category=0&gift_id=22 Rat Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=23 Sheep Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=24 Rooster Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=25 Monkey Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=26 Tiger Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=27 Snake Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=28 Dragon Sculpture
gift_category=0&gift_id=29 White Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=30 Brown Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=31 Red Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=32 Blue Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=33 Green Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=34 Purple Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=35 Gold Poker Chip
gift_category=0&gift_id=36 Eight of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=37 Nine of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=38 Ten of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=39 Jack of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=40 Queen of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=41 King of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=42 Ace of Diamonds
gift_category=0&gift_id=43 Eight of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=44 Nine of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=45 Ten of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=46 Jack of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=47 Queen of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=48 King of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=49 Ace of Hearts
gift_category=0&gift_id=50 Eight of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=51 Nine of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=52 Ten of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=53 Jack of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=54 Queen of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=55 King of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=56 Ace of Clubs
gift_category=0&gift_id=57 Eight of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=58 Nine of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=59 Ten of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=60 Jack of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=61 Queen of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=62 King of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=63 Ace of Spades
gift_category=0&gift_id=64 Solid Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=65 Striped Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=66 Checked Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=67 Geometric Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=68 Dot Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=69 Paisley Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=70 Knitted Tie
gift_category=0&gift_id=71 Silver Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=72 Gold Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=73 Amber Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=74 Jasper Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=75 Agate Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=76 Onyx Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=77 Pearl Cufflinks
gift_category=0&gift_id=78 Mill Reef
gift_category=0&gift_id=79 Sea Bird
gift_category=0&gift_id=80 Arkle
gift_category=0&gift_id=81 Golden Miller
gift_category=0&gift_id=82 St Simon
gift_category=0&gift_id=83 Ormonde
gift_category=0&gift_id=84 Eclipse
gift_category=0&gift_id=85 Hand Tape
gift_category=0&gift_id=86 Gloves
gift_category=0&gift_id=87 Headgear
gift_category=0&gift_id=88 Boxing Trunks
gift_category=0&gift_id=89 Speed Bag
gift_category=0&gift_id=90 Heavy Bag
gift_category=0&gift_id=91 Boxing Ring
gift_category=0&gift_id=92 One Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=93 Two Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=94 Three Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=95 Four Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=96 Five Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=97 Cue Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=98 Eight Ball
gift_category=0&gift_id=99 Barber Poke
gift_category=0&gift_id=100 Razor
gift_category=0&gift_id=101 Brush
gift_category=0&gift_id=102 Seat
gift_category=0&gift_id=103 Towel
gift_category=0&gift_id=104 Scissors
gift_category=0&gift_id=105 Cream
gift_category=0&gift_id=2001 Pina Colada
gift_category=0&gift_id=2002 Hurricane
gift_category=0&gift_id=2003 Bahama Mama
gift_category=0&gift_id=2004 Mojito
gift_category=0&gift_id=2005 Rum Runner
gift_category=0&gift_id=2006 Long island Ice Tea
gift_category=0&gift_id=2007 Cuba Libre
gift_category=0&gift_id=2008 Banana
gift_category=0&gift_id=2009 Lime
gift_category=0&gift_id=2010 Pineapple
gift_category=0&gift_id=2011 Papaya
gift_category=0&gift_id=2012 Coconut
gift_category=0&gift_id=2013 Passion Fruit
gift_category=0&gift_id=2014 Dragon Fruit
gift_category=0&gift_id=2015 Magician
gift_category=0&gift_id=2016 Fan Dancer
gift_category=0&gift_id=2017 Comedian
gift_category=0&gift_id=2018 Band Leader
gift_category=0&gift_id=2019 Cabaret Singer
gift_category=0&gift_id=2020 Crooner
gift_category=0&gift_id=2021 Burlesque Dancer
gift_category=0&gift_id=2022 Pufferfish
gift_category=0&gift_id=2023 Sergeant Major
gift_category=0&gift_id=2024 Yellowtail Snapper
gift_category=0&gift_id=2025 Great Barracuda
gift_category=0&gift_id=2026 Queen Angelfish
gift_category=0&gift_id=2027 Reef Shark
gift_category=0&gift_id=2028 Blue Marlin
gift_category=0&gift_id=2029 Garibaldi
gift_category=0&gift_id=2030 Hulihee
gift_category=0&gift_id=2031 Vandyke
gift_category=0&gift_id=2032 Mutton Chops
gift_category=0&gift_id=2033 Soul Patch
gift_category=0&gift_id=2034 French Fork
gift_category=0&gift_id=2035 Fidel

(Including 4th Of July Loots)
gift_category=1&gift_id=1 .22 Pistol
gift_category=1&gift_id=2 Butterfly Knife
gift_category=1&gift_id=3 Brass Knuckles
gift_category=1&gift_id=4 9mm Semi-Automatic
gift_category=1&gift_id=5 .45 Revolver
gift_category=1&gift_id=6 Tactical Shotgun
gift_category=1&gift_id=7 C4
gift_category=1&gift_id=8 Stab-Proof Vest
gift_category=1&gift_id=9 Automatic Rifle
gift_category=1&gift_id=10 Semi-Automatic Shotgun
gift_category=1&gift_id=11 Armored Truck
gift_category=1&gift_id=14 Grenade Launcher
gift_category=1&gift_id=15 .50 Caliber Rifle
gift_category=1&gift_id=16 Armored Car
gift_category=1&gift_id=17 RPG Launcher
gift_category=1&gift_id=18 Bodyguards
gift_category=1&gift_id=19 Night Vision Goggles
gift_category=1&gift_id=20 Napalm
gift_category=1&gift_id=60 Lucky Shamrock Medallion
gift_category=1&gift_id=61 Firebomb
gift_category=1&gift_id=66 Prop plane
gift_category=1&gift_id=67 Harley Davidson "Fat Boy" Motorcycle
gift_category=1&gift_id=69 Luxury Yacht
gift_category=1&gift_id=70 Porsche 911
gift_category=1&gift_id=71 Bookie's Holdout Pistol
gift_category=1&gift_id=72 Humvee
gift_category=1&gift_id=73 AR-15 Assault Rifle
gift_category=1&gift_id=74 Falsified Documents
gift_category=1&gift_id=75 Private Jet
gift_category=1&gift_id=76 Police Cruiser
gift_category=1&gift_id=77 Armored Limousine
gift_category=1&gift_id=78 Federal Agent
gift_category=1&gift_id=174 Guerrilla Squad
gift_category=1&gift_id=175 Mara Serpiente
gift_category=1&gift_id=176 Chucho FAV
gift_category=1&gift_id=177 Ocelot Armored Truck
gift_category=1&gift_id=178 Montaine 320
gift_category=1&gift_id=179 Cigarette Boat
gift_category=1&gift_id=180 Mini-Sub
gift_category=1&gift_id=181 Si-14 Cargo Plane
gift_category=1&gift_id=182 Hu-9 Helicopter
gift_category=1&gift_id=183 Armored State Car
gift_category=1&gift_id=194 Garza 9
gift_category=1&gift_id=195 RA-92
gift_category=1&gift_id=196 M16A1
gift_category=1&gift_id=197 Ru-38 Pistol
gift_category=1&gift_id=198 Cane Knife
gift_category=1&gift_id=199 Para 322
gift_category=1&gift_id=200 Gaff hook
gift_category=1&gift_id=201 ASC45 "Conquistador"
gift_category=1&gift_id=202 Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifle
gift_category=1&gift_id=203 TNT
gift_category=1&gift_id=204 Street Gang Member
gift_category=1&gift_id=205 Camouflage Body Armor
gift_category=1&gift_id=222 Flintlock Pistols
gift_category=1&gift_id=223 Bayonet
gift_category=1&gift_id=224 Tri-Point Hat
gift_category=1&gift_id=225 Davy Crockett Hat
gift_category=1&gift_id=226 Musket
gift_category=1&gift_id=227 Saber
gift_category=1&gift_id=228 Red Coat
gift_category=1&gift_id=229 Cannon
gift_category=1&gift_id=261 Canonazo
gift_category=1&gift_id=262 Track Loader

gift_category=1&gift_id=62 Concealable Camera
gift_category=1&gift_id=63 Computer Set-Up
gift_category=1&gift_id=64 Untraceable Cell Phone
gift_category=1&gift_id=65 Blackmail Photos
gift_category=1&gift_id=68 Illegal Transaction Records
gift_category=1&gift_id=245 Politico Corrupto

gift_category=0&gift_id=1106 Bingo Card
gift_category=0&gift_id=1107 Deck of Cards
gift_category=0&gift_id=1108 Dice
gift_category=0&gift_id=1109 Roulette Wheel
gift_category=0&gift_id=1110 Slot Machine
gift_category=0&gift_id=1111 Craps Table
gift_category=0&gift_id=1112 Baccarat Shoe

gift_category=2&gift_id=1 Tripwire (+10 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=2 Cappuccino (-3 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=3 Alarm System (+15 robbing defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=4 Bulldog (+18 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=5 Problem Solver (-5 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=6 Semi-Pro Boxer (+15 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=7 Fixer (-8 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=8 Sting Grenade (+20 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=9 Bouncer (+27 robbing defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=10 Blueprints (-10 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=11 Injunction (+25 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=12 Motion Detector (+37 robbing defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=13 Corporate Muscle (+35 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=14 Shave & A Haircut (+30 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=15 Inside Tip (-16 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=16 Flaming Shot (+30 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=17 Boosted Smoothie (-18 job energy costs)
gift_category=2&gift_id=18 Sandbag Wall (+35 fight defense skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=19 Blowfish Dart (+40 attack skill)
gift_category=2&gift_id=20 Hobo Lookout (+60 robbing defense skill)

Here is the result when level 14 player put the items on the wishlist. Impressing wishlist, right?


New Mafia Wars Combat Formula

As some of you may have noticed, when Mafia Wars put in the new combat screen which tallies item equipment scores and displays them on the fight screen, they changed the combat formula.

These were not just minor tweaks either. Under the previous system, testing had shown that for some reason on certain servers, attack and defense did not matter and all stat points were lumped together. Clearly this is no longer the case - attack is used for attack, and defense is used for defending.

Additionally, under the old system, attack and defense stat points were weighted much heavier then weapon and armor attack and defense points. In other words, under the old system, someone with weak equipment and a very high attack and defense stat score could beat someone with great equipment and poor stats. This is no longer the case. Under the new system, equipment scores are weighted very heavily - someone with great equipment is going to win most of their fights regardless of stat point allotment. The actual equation is unknown, but it definitely relies a lot more on equipment then it used to.

Honestly, I think that in theory this was a good change - stat points accounted for way too much and equipment accounted for way too little when it came to fighting. However, the problem is that currently players can easily boost their total equipment attack score to over 56,000 attack points by simply collecting 500 track loaders, TNT/Canonazos, and Guerrilla Squads. However, players can only boost their defense equipment score to around 49,000 points. As a result, even the best players can not win every fight on defense.

For example on my level 220 fighter account above, I have almost the best equipment, and a moderate amount of attack and defense (about 400 of each). I win literally every fight on offense even though I put a decent amount of points into energy and stamina and the account has no bonus godfather points. However, I sometimes notice that I lose fights on defense, other people are able to rob me, and so on and so forth. This is because I (and other players as well) can not boost my defense to match up against a well geared players offensive capabilities.

One strategy you could use it to put more stat points into defense then you do in offense. Because the equipment is better for offense, you do not need as many stat points in attack as it is. However, if Russia comes out and balances out the equipment, or worse, makes better equipment available for defense then there is for offense, this could backfire in a bad way. I think that stacking the odds slightly in favor of offense is a good thing - everyone wants to win fights on offense - but right now the difference is so significant that if someone has the best offensive items you are going to lose all your fights on defense even if you have a lot of +defense stat points and great defensive equipment.

For now, the only real fix is to wait until Russia and hope they add better defensive weapons.