Mafia Wars Auto Player Instructions

After installing, the script will be running as Paused. The only thing different will be what you see below.
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Prior to clicking Resume, first click AutoPlay Settings. Most likely you don't want to use the default settings.


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  • Enable auto-refresh / Refresh every "30" to "110" seconds (default set to 30 - 110 )

    This refreshes the screen looking for items to complete at a random interval be between the two times you set.

    >>> It is not recommended to set the first time below 30 seconds as it may become too difficult to get into the settings to change anything.
  • Enable auto-heal / Minimum health + Hide in hospital Image

    This will take you to the hospital and completely heal your character once Health gets below what you set. It will also automatically withdraw money from the bank if needed.
    >>> Setting this to below 29 could cause you to die in your next fight.
  • Hide in Hospital

    Enable this to prevent others from attacking you for a short period of time. The auto-heal will start up again once your health gets back to 20. You will know you are hiding in the hospital when the icon next to Health on the games front page shows a red cross with a bandage around it.

    >>> The red cross (or red cross with the white flag if you are hidingImage) can be clicked on to heal you in one click.

    >>> Using this setting in conjunction with setting your auto-heal setting to 29 is very efficient for getting into the hospital. Since the max damage is 27+damage bonus, at 29 you shouldn't ever be killed, but are likely to end up in the hospital. If you set your heal to 50 or higher, you will not likely get there. There can be an issue that you do not have the ability to heal when you get below 29 and over 20, then you could be killed. A request has been submitted to add a timer to delay fighting after a heal, to allow us to heal again. The recommendation was to just increase the delay between fights, but that unfortunately made it too slow and ended up wasting energy/stamina.
  • Enable auto-bank / Maximum amount

    This will automatically make deposits for you once your cash goes above the amount you set.

    >>> Auto-bank shouldn't be set if you want to auto-buy, as auto-buy doesn't withdraw cash, but protects it from the 10% fee by saving it to property instead of the bank.

    >>> Auto Bank In New York & Cuba Now!
  • Enable auto-pause

    This will pause the script Choose between Before or After you level up. If you choose Before, then also set the Experience left to pause at. The system will pause once your experience needed to level up gets to that amount or less.

    >>>If you chose pause before leveling up, note that certain events can still happen that gain you experience points and push you into leveling up. Being Paused cannot prevent this.
  • Enable auto-lotto

    This will Auto pick your tickets and Submit them.
  • Image
  • Enable left align main frame

    This will move the game play area to the left so that there is more room for the log on the right.
  • Enable Hide advertising

    This will remove the Zynga Hide advertising that show above the game play area.
  • Move email options to the bottom

    This will move the Email me notify to the bottom of the page.
  • Enable Logging

    This displays a log of events along the right side of the screen. Included in the log at the bottom are some stats of your character. More details about the log later.
    Use the Max # of messages in log to determine how much information you want to viewable in the log at one time.
    Set Log Player Updates to on if you want everything that shows in the Player Updates window recorded in the log. Otherwise, the only items that show up in the log is anything that the script does that you wouldn't see in the Player Updates window.
  • Log Player Updates

    Enable this if you want everything that shows in the Player Updates window recorded in the log. Otherwise, the only items that show up in the log is anything that the script does that you wouldn't see in the Player Updates window.
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  • Enable auto-stat

    This will automatically assign any skill points you earn to the skill you have chosen.
  • Enable Hourly Stats Updates

    This will get hourly updates from the game.
  • Skip Gift Wall Posts
    This will Automatically click the Skip button when wall post pop up.
  • Minimum experience for job help

    This is the min about of experience you get back from the job (pic above was set for "Boss Job ~ Shake Down a City Council Member) Player can set to Any job payout amount.
  • Message to post on Wall for job help

    This will be the message that will be posted with the wall post for Help Jobs.


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  • Enable auto-stat

    this will activate the auto stats (turn it on)
  • Disable auto-stat when status goals are reachedl

    If checked, the auto-stat allocation will stop and log a message saying you have reached your status goals
  • Fallback Method

    Once you hit all your goals, this will be where your stat points will end up going in a "round-robin way" if you checked any of the fallback stat. The Disable auto-stat must be unchecked for the auto-status point allocation to use fallback method. If not one is checked, then the auto-stat allocation will be disabled.
  • Priorities

    This will set how you want the flow of your stats to be sent from 1(highest) to 5 (lowest) in this pic shows that no 1 is for attack stats each stat has its own drop bar. If your status goals for attack and defense have the same priority, status points will be allocated to the stat which is FARTHEST from your status goal.
  • Goal

    This is the status goal you would like to reach, may either be an actual targeted status value (say "500" attack), or a ratio against a certain attribute (say a ratio of "2" against level). Discussed more thoroughly below.
  • Allocation Mode

    This allows you to (Mode 1) just set a stat target value or (Mode 2) you can set a ratio against a certain attribute.

    Mode (1) - Stat target value
    - Use this if you want a fixed value for a certain attribute, mostly useful for Health or Stamina
    - Say if you set a value of "200" and select "Health target value", then it will just add stats to Health till the target value is reached.

    Mode (2) - Stat ratio against certain attribute
    - Use if you want a certain stat to increase with respect to any of the other attributes
    - Stats are usually hooked against character level
    - Say your level is 200, and you want your energy to reach 400, then place "2" as the value for "Energy ratio against level"
    - This simply means you want your Energy to be "2" times your character level

    Les Msg: Not 100% sure how this works when i find out more Info i will be sure to edit this.
    Cygnum: I hope this clears some things up, any clarifications don't hesitate to send me a message.


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  • Master jobs one at a time

    When turning this on, also select the mission you want to work on. Auto mission will continuously do this mission until it is mastered. Once mastered, the next mission will automatically be selected and the process will repeat.
    When you only want to do a specific mission all the time.
  • Perform any combination of jobs

    When turning this you get the option to select jobs you wish to run (hold CTRL + push jobs )
    Also Support multiple jobs with automatic switching based on experience payoff ratios and the ratio needed to level up.

    >>> when enabled only one job ~ Repeat Job will kick in automatically.
  • Perform jobs only when energy is full

    Enabling this will give you the opportunity to do some jobs on your own. Otherwise, it will run missions once energy is full thus preventing you from having an idol energy regeneration timer.
  • Spend energy packs
    This will use auto use energy packs if ready to be use (set by Estimate Job Ratio)
  • Estimate Job Ratio

    This will be how you set it your Auto-Energy Pack. (so if you set to 8.6 it will use it when job pay Ratio is at 8.6)
  • Job mastery items owned

    1, Have helicopter job mastery loot item (get this by completing All jobs in "Consigliere")
    2, Have Private Island job mastery loot item (get this by completing All jobs in "Underboss")
    3, Have golden throne job mastery loot item (get this by completing All jobs in "Boss")
  • Character type is Maniac

    If you are Maniac Please tick this box as all player types are different.
  • Auto Send Energy Pack

    This will enable Auto Player to send Energy Packs to your mafia every hour.
  • Spend stamina to
    This is used to set if you want to Fight/Rob/Hitlist (pic below)
  • Enable Random Opponents Fight/Rob
  • Image
  • Location

    This will be where you want to fight. (New York Or Cuba)
  • Maximum level

    this is to put in the max level you would like to have your Opponents to have (Add My Level Checked will add any level close to you)
  • Maximum mafia

    this is to put in the max mafia size you would like to have your Opponents to have (Add my mafia size will add mafia size same as yours)
  • Minimum mafia
    This will be the minimum amount of mafia you would like
  • Use fight stealth

    This option will fight mafia that are either inactive or have health below 20. Fighting these users should not show in their history and can help you avoid being added to the hitlist.
    If you've played the game manually you may have noticed that when you attack an opponent, sometimes the "Attack Again" link shows up after the first attack and sometimes it doesn't. Some smart guys figured out that when this link shows up - the opponent is active and can see your attacks. When it DOESN'T have the link - the player has actually become inactive or their health is below 20 and attacking these people does not show up in their player updates.

    To clarify, the script will CONTINUE to fight mafia that are either inactive, etc., etc. The trick is that the script must first find an inactive, etc., etc. player. To do this, the script has to fight an opponent AT LEAST ONCE to know whether fighting them again will be detected. If they are active the first attack will be seen in their player update with your name in all it's glory. If you have stealth mode enabled the script will drop active players from the attack list after the first attack and only keep the ones that are inactive. When it runs out of inactive players to attack it will grab a new list of players and run test attacks until it finds more inactives. Another thing to note is that you will also be detected once a player become active, etc., etc. again.

    The script cannot really hide you, but it just takes advantage of a known loophole of undetectability. In short you will only show up once in another players update window instead of multiple times.
  • Avoid Top Mafia bodyguards

    setting only applies to random mafia. If they are in your fight list, you will keep fighting them even if they are top mafia bodyguards.
  • Avoid mafia families

    This option will avoid fighting any families that contain the user defined list of prefixes in their names. These are usually clans. You may wish to avoid fighting members of your own clan, or you may wish to avoid fighting members of any clan since they may enlist the help of their clan to seek revenge.
  • Stamina to keep on hand

    Setting % Stamina to keep on hand (+/- 1) will keep some stamina for you to use as you like.
  • Use all stamina to level up

    Enabling Use all stamina to level up will override the above option only when the script calculates that your stored stamina is enough to get you to the next level this you don't waste stamina.
  • Enable Specific Opponents Fight/Rob

    This will give you a box to put the users Facebook id number in so it will only Rob/Fight people in this list. (pic below)
  • Image
  • Collect Hitlist Bounties

    Seems to explain its self in the pic below
    1 Where to Collect Bounties
    2 Minimum bounty
    3 Avoid mafia families (explained above)


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  • Enable auto-hitlist

    Not enabled at this time.
  • Bounty amount

    Not enabled at this time.
  • Summarize Attacks From Player Updates

    When Enabled, this option adds up all the attacks you receive in player updates and then displays them in the log after you've been snuffed.

    >>> The script doesn't actually know when you were put on the hitlist (this is very difficult to do, but we're discussing how it might be possible) - anyway if you were just being attacked randomly throughout the day then at the end of the day were put on the hitlist - the entire days worth of attacks would be summarized and displayed like you see. The script then resets counts and starts capturing again until it sees you've died and spits out the summary once more.
    When NOT Enabled, attacks you receive in player updates will be moved to the log right away.
  • PROPERTY Zoom in (real dimensions: 605 x 588)Image
  • Enable Auto Buy

    This will purchase properties that you have selected.
    Properties are purchased in groups of 10. (except mafia mikes)
    The property that gets purchased next is the property with the best return on investment (ROI). The ROI is visible on the property page. See below for this screen sample.
    Minimum cash is the amount of money not to spend when purchasing properties.

    The empty lots do not need to be selected for the script to buy them if the improved properties require them.

    >>> Some people prefer not to stock up on empty lots, others think it is a good setting to select all...except casino. Everyone targets casino's, even this script. You may not want to put too much money there to be robbed
  • Enable auto-repair property

    This will repair property that has been damaged. The script will automatically withdraw money from the bank if needed.
  • Enable auto-protect property

    This will protect property that needs protecting. The script will automatically withdraw money from the bank if needed.
  • >>> Currently this will repair/protect rather frequently potentially costing you a lot of money. You may not want to use the setting unless you are confident about your defenses. There is an open issue to repair protect when within a certain amount of time to collect the rent. This would be the most effective time to repair and protect, as the damage doesn't affect your return at any other moment.
  • Sell Cuban business output

    This will make to Auto Player Travel to Cuba just to sell your business output make you money wile doing New York
  • MAFIA LOG Zoom in (real dimensions: 440 x 828)Image
  • Clear log

    Only clears the log. The stats at the bottom will remain.
  • Clear stats

    Only clears the stats. The log above will remain.
  • Close mafia log

    Will close the log. Log info and stats will not be cleared.
  • OTHER SCREEN CHANGES Zoom in (real dimensions: 754 x 419)Image
  • Next auto-buy property.

    This will tell you how much its going to cost for the next buy (also shows in log)
  • Property ROI

    This will show you how long it will take to make your money back
  • Zoom in (real dimensions: 753 x 294)Image
  • Energy ROI

    Energy ROI is the line at the top of the jobs just under the job level names. This states what job ratio to shoot for if you want to level on energy. It doesn't take into account the stamina that you have.
  • Next Job Timer

    This puts Under the Do Job button, you will find how long until you can do the job.
  • Automatically Accept Mafia Invites

    This script will automatically accept mafia invites.
  • Image
  • Automatically Accept Mafia Help Jobs

    Automatically Accept Mafia Help Jobs From Player Updates.
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