Facebook Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Instructions can be found at the following location
Instructions | Install Mafia Autoplayer

Before Installing the Mafia Autoplayer, you are required to get these 2 program installed
1) Firefox
2) Greasemonkey Addon for Firefox
  • auto refresh page with random time
  • auto mission mastery + (will get required loot/inventory)
  • auto fight / Rob
  • auto stats
  • auto health replenish
  • auto banking feature
  • job energy returns calculated
  • auto energy-pack usage
  • auto property purchase
  • auto property protect
  • auto property heal
  • superior log info collection
  • statistic collection
  • ride hitlist feature
  • auto lotto

version 0.9.17

-fighting fixed -lots of other fixes -new log filter features

version 0.9.14

-move travel menu -mission optimizations -hitman stats

version 0.9.12

-fixes for Zynga changes -bug eradication -message parsing enhancements

version 0.9.11

-new cuba mission support -non-english detection -fixes for Zynga changes -added 'chicken' detection -tons of enhancements

version 0.9.9

New features: -selling of Cuban business output -health blinks at 20-28 health -if no opponents found, skip fight/rob once before reattempting -display wheelman bonus in log -click simulation for job help -display user name in job help result Other fixes: -"script not responding" after being hitlisted -stamina burn factors in unspent energy -some timer fixes -go to home page when first becoming idle -auto-invite and player update processing no off when script is paused -fix reset of auto-stat -fix graphs that displayed two midnights -don't attempt to detect energy packs except on home page

version 0.9.7

auto lotto added bug fixes on property purchase auto-skip gift wall notices separate banking for cuba/NY --THANKS DOONCE!

version 0.9.5

emergency Zynga change fix adds tabs to log

version 0.9.4

updates to address zynga changes removed noise from player updates

version 0.9.3

Emergency zynga updates

version 0.9.2

Numerous fixes from recent Zynga updates. Cuba mission support (beta)

version 0.9.1


version 0.9

auto-buy properties!! (thanks CyB)
player Updates changes (can keep certain number after logged)
helicopter energy fix
minimum mafia settings in fight mode added
Bug fixes!

version 0.8.1

just a few bugfixes

version 0.8

Bug fixes
log player updates is an option
visual enhancements

version 0.7

Bug fixes Log tweaks added ride hitlist

version 0.6.4

Bug fixes to automission mastery and fight/rob Log clearing options added Log aesthetics improved auto property repair/protect added

version 0.6.3