When to use the Bank and how to buy Property - Being smarter with your Mafia Money

I see this consistently - mid to high level players with a lot of money banking their money in New York religiously. Unless you are under level 50, this is a big mistake! Let's take a look at some math:

Let's say you are around level 80 and are working through the Consigliere tier.

1. Each job seems to pay an average of around $5,000,000 and there are 8 total jobs to master, so you'll end up doing a few hundred jobs to finish the tier.
2. So, let's say you do 300 jobs at $5,000,000 a piece.
3. This will leave you with $1,500,000,000 by the time you are finished.
4. If you deposit this in the bank, you will pay a -10% fee. This is $150,000,000.
5. Each time you lose a fight, you can lose a maximum of $100,000.
6. Therefore, you would have to lose 1500 fights in order to save money by using the bank.

Well, some people have lost more than 1500 fights, it's true. However, these players generally are Master Bosses and have been playing for some time. In the Master Boss tier, the average job pays 15,000,000 and you have to do over 1000 jobs to finish the tier. By the time you master every tier, you should have made at least 20-30 billion dollars. If you divide $30,000,000,000 by $100,000 (the most you can lose in a fight), you would have to lose 300,000 fights to save money. So, in short, if you are over level 50, you are wasting money (in New York) by using the bank.

However, Mafia Wars: Cuba is a different story.

The Bank is actually useful in Mafia Wars: Cuba. You can still lose up to 100,000 per fight, but this time it is scarce pesos. Fully upgraded businesses produce just over 300,000 cuban pesos per day, which you could lose most of in just a couple fights. Protect your money in Cuba and deposit it right away!

How to Buy Property

When buying property, always buy it in stacks of 10. It is much cheaper to get 10 casinoes for 300,000 a piece then it is to get one for 300,000, one for 305000, another for 310000, and so on.

Additionally, not all property types were created equal. The cost per building for casinoes goes up much faster than that of office buildings and five-star hotels. So, buy the property that is going to provide the most return on investment (ROI). For example, if you have 100 casinoes and 100 office buildings, and are looking to buy more.

As a theoretical example:

Office buildings produce 150,000/hr and 10 more would cost 1,200,000,000
Investment = 1,200,000,000
Return = 150,000/hr * 10 buildings

This investment will pay 1$ for every 800 invested per hour (1,200,000,000 / 150,000). This means it will repay the initial investment in 800 hours and begin to produce a profit after that of 1$/800 invested.

Casinoes produce 300,000/hr and 10 more would cost 3,000,000,000

This investment will repay itself in 1000 hours (3,000,000,000 / 300,000) and begin to produce a profit after that of 1$/1000 invested.

In short, you should not have the same amount of casinoes, hotels, and office buildings. If you really want that Nest Egg achievement, pay attention to which property will provide the most ROI.