How to not get robbed in Mafia Wars ?

f you're reading this, you've probably been robbed... and are probably annoyed because you have to pay for repairs all the time. Additionally, you make less money on properties until they are repaired, which is no fun either. As of this post, my character (which I leveled with the same strategy outlined in the leveling guide) owns 170 Office Buildings, 180 5-star hotels, 130 mega casinos, and 80 marinas for a total income of over 100 million an hour. Here's the kicker: he's never been robbed, ever.

Not bad for never being robbed, eh?

Without further ado, here are my top tips on how not to get robbed:

1. Your mafia size should be at least the equivalent of your level.

Unlike defending fights, the amount of mafia members that can "help out" is equal to your level. So, if you don't want to get robbed and are level 70, you should have at least 70 people in your mafia. By having less mafia members then your level, you become a big target.

2. Make sure your mafia is equipped.

Mafia members are only as strong as the weapons and armor you give them. Make sure every mafia member has a decent weapon, armor, and vehicle to use. If you don't have money for that, then why are you buying property?

3. Level Up!

I'm not talking about leveling up to put more points in defense or get more mafia members. Getting out of the low levels early is important for property health - players at higher levels do not rob as often, if at all. Why? Because it is not worth the stamina. Fighting yields more experience and has a chance to drop the best weapons (AR-15s), vehicles (Humvees), and job items (like blackmail photos) that the high level players need.

The 650,000-750,000$ that is standard for robbing a casino pales in comparison to the amount of cash the "Boss" jobs produce. High level players do jobs for money rather than rob. On that note, if you are power leveling, you may find it hard to keep your mafia size equal to your level. The solution is simple - if you can't keep your mafia size equal to your level, just don't buy property (aside from Mafia Mike's) until you are around level 150. Players around level 20-80 rob much more frequently then high level players.

4. Don't rob other players.

As noted in point #3, high level players do not like to rob. The only reason to rob is to get revenge for their low level buddies. So, if you don't piss anyone off (i.e. by robbing them), you are much less likely to get robbed in return.

5. Win a lot of fights.

In Mafia Wars, the best defense is a good offense. When robbing someone, you can only see a few statistics - number of mafia members, whether the property is protected, and the profile stats (such as fights won and lost) of the person you are trying to rob. Since a player can't actually see your defense rating, a high level of defense does little to deter attacks. What they can see however, is your win to loss ratio on fights. I know I'm a lot less likely to try to fight or rob someone that has won 10,000 fights and only lost 1,000! However, when I see someone who has lost many more fights then they have won, I know it's an easy target.

6. Don't put people on the hitlist.

If you WANT to get robbed, be sure to put someone on the hitlist. Not only will the person you put a hit out on rob you repeatedly, but so will his friends. Additionally, when someone posts a hit, their name is shown on the hitlist as well. Some bored higher level players get entertainment out of robbing and attacking people who put out hits rather than attacking for the reward money! Avoid putting your name out there and you won't get robbed (or attacked) as much.

7. Protect your property.

Protecting your property is not as expensive as you might think - it only needs to be done once if you never get robbed! If you followed steps 1-5 and protect your property, the your odds of getting robbed are slim-to-none. If you never have to pay for repairs, you'll save a lot of money!


If you are getting robbed constantly in mafia wars, just add more people to your mafia, win a lot of fights (if your attack rating is low find a whipping boy), don't rob other players, don't put out hits, and protect your property. If all else fails, level to 150 as fast as you can- people at that level don't rob as much. Do this and I guarantee you your robbery rates will go way down!