Mafia Wars - Guide to Topping the Mafia List

This is a pretty unique Mafia Wars guide because it isn’t teaching you how to do one little thing, but will show you how to play the entire game properly. When you get right down to it, the best strategy is properly allocating your points between attack, energy, health, defense and stamina. Obviously, it is best to choose a way to play the game and fit everything accordingly. These are some of the basic guidelines that you should be following. Feel free to use these strategies in combination with others.

The most popular strategy in this game is called Leveler. The reason that it is so popular is that you can level up the fastest using it. The idea behind this is quite simple. All you want to do is put all your points into energy, so you can do a ton of jobs. The more jobs you do and doing the ones with more experience will allow you to level up faster. Here are some of the best jobs for experience to energy ratios.

1. Street Thug Tier: Auto Theft (1.33 ratio)
2. Associate Tier: Bank Heist (1.77 ratio)
3. Soldier Tier: Museum Break-In (1.5 ratio)
4. Enforcer Tier: Run Illegal Poker Game, Manufacture Tokens, Get Cheating Deck (1.83 ratio)
5. Hitman Tier: Protect City Against Rival Family, Assassinate Political Figure (1.77 ratio)
6. Capo Tier: Whack a Rival Crew Leader (1.68 ratio)
7. Consigliere Tier: Steal an Arms Shipment (1.82 ratio)
8. Underboss Tier: Oder a Hit on a Public Official (1.96 ratio)
9. Boss Tier: Travel to the Old Country (1.978 ratio)

All the rations listed in this Mafia Wars guide are based on experience gained and the amount of energy to do the job. Also the calculations include 11% more experience bonus and a 10% less energy bonus. It is important to understand the bonuses because this might cause the ratios to be a little different. This is why it is important to have strong players in the Mastermind and Wheelman Top Mafia positions. Even though the ratios may be different, they’ll still be the strongest.

Another strategy we wanted to go over in this Mafia Wars guide is the fighter strategy. The idea behind this is also simple by putting all your points to attack and defense equally. You do it equally because you’ll be more rounded than if you put more in attack and less in defense. Attack and defense skills aren’t the only things that inevitably lead to winning a fight, so you’ll have to pay attention to the other skills you’ll need. The size of your mafia will play a big roll. You should be aiming at getting over 500 members.

As the size of the mafia grows, you’ll have to have items for each member. Things like weapons, armor and vehicles will be needed for each of the members. There are also loot weapons that can be used too. As your players get stronger it is important to also build up their stamina. Basically being strong is good, but you need the stamina to put the strength to use.

We suggest attacking mafias that are smaller than yours. It is really the only way to make sure that you’re actually going to win the fight. It’s a pretty simple method to follow and can be quite a beneficial way to go.