Mafia Wars Hidden Tiger Loot

For this weekend only, as I am sure you have seen, there are 8 pieces of limited edition tiger loot to be found in game. These items drop completely randomly from fights and jobs. Here is the list:


Pro's 2 Iron (nice Tiger Woods reference): 24 attack, 12 defense
Tora Assault Rifle: 28 attack, 12 defense
Siberian Tiger: 36 attack, 14 defense
Liger: 45 attack, 12 defense


Tigerskin Armored Vest: 12 attack, 30 defense


Le Tigre: 26 attack, 15 defense
Tigershark Submersible: 37 attack, 18 defense
Tiger Tank: 18 attack, 43 defense


With that said, turns out there are two good items here, the Liger (45 attack weapon) and the Tiger Tank (43 defense vehicle). Don't worry about trying to collect these in large quantities though - I am pretty sure that these items will be outdated by the later Moscow episodes.