Mafia Wars Strategy and Tips

Here are some Mafia Wars Strategy updates on some recurring questions:

Q: Stamina now only costs 1 point, should I invest in it for power leveling?

A: From a raw stat point per XP ratio, sure. I figure I average 2-3 xp for each fight (depending on how lucky I get with "rallying the troops), and 2.5 or so xp:stamina is great. The problem is using stamina takes time. Even if you attack a fake account, you still can only use 1 stamina per click. Even if you spam click, it would still take forever if you have a high level of stamina. Additionally, you have to heal at the doctor when your health gets low. If you have a lot of stamina, you will have to wait at the doctor to heal again for a few minutes. While maxing out stamina sounds good on paper, it does not work as well in practice.

Q: What equipment do I need to sell to get through Moscow Episodes 3 and 4?

A: Nearly all of it! Even the stuff you will just buy back later. Note: This could change if in episode 5 or 6 there is an even higher paying job. The strategy is essentially the same though, just do that job over and over again instead of the earlier ones.

You need somewhere around 1,200,000,000 rubles to get through episodes 3 and 4 completely. Sell everything not required for the escort service job in Episode 4. Even sell the stuff you have to re-buy, because you don't want to pay the tax. You'll have to do the escort service job 1400 times (tax free) to get that many Rubles (or buy the cash with godfather points).

If you do the that job ~1700 times to collect 1,200,000,000, you will pay 6,000,000 in taxes on every single extra item you have (.5% per item * 1,200,000,000). Since you can sell an item for half it's worth (i.e. an item that costs 4,400,000 sells for 2,200,000), you really only lose half its value for selling it if you plan to rebuy it.

If you are planning on collecting 1,200,000,000 and finishing episodes 3 and 4 before episodes 5 and 6 come out, you should sell any item that does not cost more than 12,000,000 (since selling it will lose you 6,000,000 if you rebuy it) because you will save money that way.


Mafia Wars Moscow Updates, News, Loot Changes

Quite a few needed (and appreciated) updates just went live tonight. First off, a new group of achievements was added to the game, which I covered in the prior post.

Additionally, the final two episodes of Moscow will be available next week (right on the game updates section of the Mafia Wars application).

Furthermore, stamina now only costs 1 stat point (instead of 2). It has only been 1 stat point for new players (with racket access) for some time now. This leads us to believe that all players will have access to rackets soon enough.

Finally, defensive items have gotten a huge stat boost. Now, as I mentioned in my earlier video post on fighting and on the change in the combat formula, you will not be able to win nearly every fight on offense regardless of large stat differentials.

Here are the items that have been changed:


Gaff Hook: 20 attack, 35 defense (old: 30 defense)

Dillinger's Wooden Gun: 12 attack, 45 defense (old: 42 defense)

Arana Net Gun: 16 attack, 40 defense (old: 38 defense)


Armored Limousine: 16 attack, 37 defense (old: 36 defense)

Private Jet: 12 attack, 39 defense (old: 38 defense)

Armored State Car: 30 attack, 42 defense (old: 38 defense)

Capone's Armored 341A: 14 attack, 42 defense (old: 38 defense)

Tiger Tank: 18 attack, 48 defense (old: 43 defense)

Hydrofoil: 8 attack, 38 defense (old: 37 defense)

Low Rider: 12 attack, 44 defense (old: 38 defense


Camouflage Body Armor: 18 attack, 34 defense (old: 28 defense)

Red Coat: 2 attack, 38 defense (old: 32 defense)

Galea: 18 attack, 45 defense (old: 42 defense)

There are the changes that I picked up - post in comments if I missed any armor pieces and I will update accordingly. As far as the release of Episodes 5 & 6 goes - keep an eye on the Mafia Wars Guide homepage for updates!


Mafia Wars - New Achievements

Tonight, 10 new achievements were added to Mafia Wars along with some other changes. The new achievements are as follows:

Hitman: Earned by collecting a bounty from the hitlist.

Bounty Hunter: Earned by collecting 50 bounties from the hitlist.

Master Collector: Earned by vaulting all of the New York and Cuba collections.

Next!: Earned by mastering all of Cuba.

Dedicated: Earned by logging in and completing a job 20 days in a row.

Set Them up for Later: Earned by losing 10 fights in a row.

Brawler: Earned by winning 100 fights in a row.

It's Good to be the King: Earned by being promoted to at least 10 friends' top mafia.

First Blood: Earned by declaring and winning a war.

Veteran: Earned by participating in 500 wars.

Also, when you complete an achievement now, you can advertise it to your friends:

When your friends click on the banner, they can get some money, experience points (highest reported is +50) and a consumable item.

Nice little addition. The hardest ones seem to be "Set Them up for Later" and "Brawler" - these events would not occur often naturally. However, I think it would be pretty easy to rig it; just have a stronger friend attack you 10 times (set them up for later) or attack a weaker friend 100 times (brawler). Some other updates have been made and I will cover them in the next post.


Mafia Wars Moscow - Solving the Money Problem

By browsing through the comments on my last couple of Mafia Wars Moscow posts, it is easy to see there is one recurring theme: the jobs in Moscow cost a ridiculous amount of money! To show you all what I have been doing to make money, I present to you my first video(s). Forgive me in advance for the mic (it's a bit fuzzy) - I know I need a new one. Also, forgive me for the editing (or lack thereof), this is my first time using Camtasia.

Video 1: Making Money in Moscow With Fighting

In this video, I show how I used a level ~280 account with high attack/defense to make close to 700,000 Rubles with about 30 stamina. If you can't see the video, here are the cliff notes:

1. You can not win money in fights from players who are knocked out (under 20 health).
2. Most players attack people at the top of the fight list because scrolling down takes work.
3. Most players attack people with small mafias because they are guaranteed to win.
4. As a result, players with 501 mafia size are almost always alive, so you have a better chance to win money off them.
5. In the video, I made around $700,000 Rubles off of 30 stamina (video was not edited). When you consider that you regenerate 320 stamina a day, it's not bad at all.

Video 2: Making Money With an Energy Account

This video is pretty straight forward. On my energy account, I simply have sold all of my equipment and been doing the same episode 4 job over and over again, netting about 40,000,000 rubles off of my energy pack. I also call for help every day on the boss fight for an extra 2.5 million rubles.


Mafia Wars Defense Rackets

Defense rackets are one of the 4 tiers in the new rackets system. At the time of this posting, there are 3 rackets available.

Each racket rewards 3 boosts (4 boosts if the tier is mastered) unlike the job rackets which only provide 2-3 boosts. With that said, here are the defense rackets:

Garbage Dump (master this to unlock Scrapyard):

Cost: 17 Influence
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: Boxer x3 (4 if racket is mastered): +38 fight defense
1 Experience Point
7% Racket Mastery (only shows 2% in picture because it was the last 2%)

Scrapyard (master this to unlock Toxic Waste Dump):

Cost: 38 Influence (I think - influence does not show in above screenshot since I was way over the cap)
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: Boxer x3 (4 if racket is mastered): +65 fight defense
1 Experience Point
4% Racket Mastery

Toxic Waste Dump

Cost: 128 Influence
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: Mr. Hot Sauce x3 (4 if racket is mastered): +100 fight defense
1 Experience Point
2% Racket Mastery

My Take

The defense rackets are a bit disappointing to say the least. Mr. Hot Sauce is actually a boost that could make a difference (+100 fight defense is significant), but at the cost (128 influence!) and the time investment (44 hours) for simply 3 boosts, this simply does not strike me as being worth it. The 128 influence requirement is the deal-breaker for me; you would actually have to point a significant number of stat points into influence to reach this requirement (even if you were going beyond your normal total by collecting influence rewards to push you past your cap, mentioned in the main rackets section).

Personally, I would rather not put 100 points into influence and instead put 100 stat points into defense - that way I would have + defense for every time I am attacked rather than just a few times every couple days.

I think to remedy the situation, influence should be a forced stat (i.e. unlocked by doing something in the game) rather than a stat you can freely put points into. For example:

- Give us +1 influence every 5 or 10 levels (if it was 1 influence every level, it would just reward power-levelers and energy accounts)
- Give us +1 or 2 influence for doing achievements. This would make getting these more worthwhile!
- Give us +1 influence every time we win 1,000 fights
- Give us +1 influence every time we help 100 friends

Additionally, offer +10 to max influence for 10 godfather points.

Just my 2 cents!


Mafia Wars Moscow - New Businesses

With the release of episodes 3 & 4 came just one new business - the Munitions Trading Camp:

One thing to note is that with each higher tier of the Moscow businesses, the return on investment decreases. To elaborate, the Munitions Trading Camp cost around 3x as much to fully upgrade compared to the earlier episode 1 & 2 businesses but only produces twice as much cash, so choose your upgrades carefully.

I also did not notice any new achievements yet associated with Episodes 3 & 4 - perhaps they will add some in soon.


Mafia Wars Moscow Episode 3 & 4 Job Mastery Rewards

More combat items from mastering episodes 3 & 4:

For mastering Episode 3 (Brigadir):

Ex-KGB Bodyguard (armor): 48 attack, 30 defense

For mastering Episode 4(Avoritet):

Cossack Armored Vest: 18 attack, 48 defense

More Moscow information soon - check the Mafia Wars Guide homepage for updates. I must say though, these items are exceptionally poor rewards, especially given Moscow's difficulty. For example, Ex-KGB Bodyguard is barely better than the Shturmovik that is just a regular drop from vory in episode 4(by the way, the Vory vs Mafiya page is updated to include episode 4). Hopefully they will surprise us with a New York-like reward for finishing off episode 6.


Mafia Wars Moscow Nerfs

As many of you have noticed (and commented about), with the release of Mafia Wars Moscow episodes 3 & 4, we got hit with a couple of nerfs.

Bank Heist job only gives 15 XP / 8 energy now with an 11% mastermind/wheelman and private island (Old: 17 XP / 8 energy).

The "Run Illegal Poker Game" job now gives 38 XP/17 energy with an 11% mastermind/wheelman and private island (Old: 41/17).

Now, these two nerfs I understand - these jobs paid out very well very early in the game and were definitely a bit out of place. In fact, I am okay with this, and it was about time really. However, the following nerf just blows my mind:

Shipping Company: Now produces Political Favor boost which offers +60 Robbing Defense skill. (Old: Fake Documents which offered -9 job energy cost).

Seriously? Robbing is not even in the game anymore and you are adding new robbing boosts?

Even if it was still in the game, or is going to be re-implemented soon, this boost is a reward from a racket in the jobs category, despite the fact that there already a set of rackets specifically dedicated to defense. You would think that +defense boosts would come from the defense category, but not this time! Defending your non-existent property (since people that have rackets don't have property) is an integral part towards completing more jobs apparently. I can only imagine how the development meeting went down to come up with this change:

Dev 1: So, rackets, what's the feedback on rackets looking like?

Dev 2: According to the official forums, about 99 in 100 people hate them.

Dev 3: Yeah, they're really unpopular - the only good racket is the Shipping Company one.

Dev 2: We better nerf it to bring it in-line with the other terrible rackets to really piss everyone off.

Dev 3: Agreed. We should make the boost something terrible just to annoy people who were mad that we took away robbing.

Dev 2: A brilliant idea Johnson! How about another worthless +robbing defense boost? That way we can snub our fanbase by not only taking away the only good racket, but also serving them with a painful reminder that they no longer have access to robbing.

Dev 3: We can sneak the change into the Moscow patch and hope no one will notice.

Dev 1: Sounds like a plan - /highfive's all around! Nerf gun fight, anyone?

Mafia Wars Moscow Vory or Mafiya Part 2; Strategy Guide

Here is the differences between Vory and Mafiya for the latest edition of Mafia Wars Moscow. For information on episodes 1 & 2, check the episode 1 & 2 Mafiya vs Vory link.

Episode 3 (Brigadir)

In episode 3, the only differences between Vory and Mafiya occurs during chapter 2. I once again included a mod so you could see XP:energy ratios. This time, I also made sure both characters had 15% bagmen. Here are the screen shots of the job tiers:

Mafiya Episode 3, Chapter 2:

Mafiya Episode 3, Chapter 2

Vory Episode 3, Chapter 2:

Unique Loot:

From the "Steal the Bank President's Car Keys" job (Mafiya Only):

Volk Luxury Sedan is Mafiya Only

From the "Use the Bank Guard's Keys To Access the Bank Armory" job (Vory Only):

Taiga Combat Shotgun is Vory Only


Neither tier (once again) is particularly better. The Taiga Combat Shotgun is just completely terrible though, while the Volk Luxury Sedan at least is decent. Other than that there is no distinguishing features between the two sides.

I honestly thought the tiers would diversify a bit more and have more than a job difference as more parts of the expansion came out. I guess feedback (read: mass panic over which side to pick) must have scared the developers into making it little real difference. Oh well, always episodes 5-6 to hope for! Keep on eye out on the Mafia Wars Guide homepage for updates.

Episode 4 (Avoritet)

Here are the differences for Episode 4 between Vory and Mafiya.

Here is the Mafiya Episode 4, Chapter 2 job tier:

..and the Vory Episode 4, Chapter 2:

Unique Loot:

From Mafiya only "Arrange The Sale Of Weapons-Grade Explosives" job:

The Opel Armored Helicopter is Mafiya Only

From the Vory only "Rob a Troop Convoy":

The Shturmovik is Vory Only


Ding ding ding, we have a winner! For episode 4 it is clear to me that Vory far and away is better than Mafiya. The Shturmovik is an 11 attack upgrade over the Guerrilla Squad, while the Orel Armored Helicopter is only a 2 defense upgrade over the Private Jet or Armored State car.

Additionally, the job that drops the new helicopter in the Mafiya pathway requires an Untraceable Cell Phone, while there is no consumable cost for the Vory pathway.

There is one catch though - it is possible in Episode 5 or 6 that the Shturmovik will be upgraded while the Orel Armored Helicopter will not - it is a risk you will have to take (unless episodes 5 and 6 come out before you finalize episode 4). I'm not afraid to make the risk - it is only a 2 defense upgrade; I'd rather not go through all the trouble of collecting a couple thousand untraceable cell phones to get a measly 1-2% defense upgrade, especially since if these helicopters are not replaced in episodes 5 and 6, they certainly will be replaced in next expansion. Vory all the way for episode 4!


Mafia Wars Moscow Collections and Boosts

Here are the new collections and boosts released with the Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 3 & 4:

Episode 3 (Brigadir)

Russian Leaders Collection: +4 Attack
Items in set: Medal of Gorbachev, Medal of yeltsin, Medal of Brezhnev, Medal of Kruschev, Medal of Putin, Medal of Stalin, Medal of Lenin

Boost: Political Favor (+60 robbing defense skill)

Seriously? +Robbing defense skill? Even though robbing is not in the game anymore?

Episode 4 (Avtoritet)

Vodka Drinks Collection: +4 Stamina
Items in set: Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver, Sex on the Beach, Bloody mary, Black Russian, White Russian, Soviet

Boost: Liquid Courage (+44 attack skill)

That is it for these 2 episodes. More info to come as I get it!


Mafia Wars Moscow New Episodes Overview

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 3 & 4 just went live, earlier than was expected. I guess they are going with that whole under-promise and over-deliver thing.

At any rate, there's 2 new episodes up: Brigader (Episode 3) and Avtoritet (Episode 4). They also added new equipment, 2 more businesses, collections, and boosts.

And look, even an upgrade:

Armored Briefcase (armor): 25 attack, 36 defense. It is from the "Map Out The Escape Route" job in Episode 3 (chapter 1). It is available to both mafiya and vory if you are wondering.

My Impressions

Wow, I knew it was going to be expensive, but I had not planned on this!

On my high-end account, I played through the entire first tier of Episode 3 as Mafiya (could not use my boss timer because I used it earlier to get money / xp as a repeat) so I went over to Episode 4. I got about halfway through before running out of cash. I had about 160,000,000 Rubles saved up as well - in retrospect I should have been more diligent about this.

Rubles are the new blackmail photos - the only thing stopping me from progressing through the tiers is that I have to spend all of my energy getting more money!

One thing to note is that in Episode 4, the payout for jobs increases a lot. If you are having trouble with funds, try to unlock Episode 4 ASAP rather than trying to work through Episode 3 all three times. "Manage An Escort Service Catering to Soldiers" pays out $714,840 Rubles for 98 energy (with a +15% bagman).

Due to the high costs, the info might take me a bit more time to gather, but I will post is as I get it!


Mafia Wars - Free Godfather Rewards Points

Mafia Wars - Free Godfather Rewards Points


Mafia Wars Job Rackets

As mentioned before in the rackets overview post, there are 4 types of rackets: cash, attack, defense, and job rackets. Here is an outline detailing the job rackets, their progressions, and the rewards:

There are currently three total rackets in the "Job Rackets" category. Shaking down a racket results in 2 boosts (3 if the racket is mastered) that decrease the energy cost of jobs. There is only one progression path currently.

Taxi Stand (master this racket to unlock Trucking Company)

Cost: 5 Influence
Time until completion: 4 hours
Reward: Free Ride x2 (x3 if racket is mastered): -3 job energy cost
1 Experience point
5 Influence
+7% Racket Mastery (only shows 2% in picture because it was the last 2%)

You get an extra boost (3 instead of 2) if the tier is mastered.

Trucking Company (master it to unlock Shipping Company)

Cost: 16 Influence
Time to completion: 4 hours
Reward: 2x Truck Driver (3x if it is mastered): -6 job energy cost
16 Influence
+ 1 Experience Point
4% Racket Mastery

Shipping Company (currently the final Job racket, unlocked by mastering Truck Company and Taxi Stand)

Cost: 38 Influence
Time to completion: 4 hours
Reward: Fake Documents x2 (x3 if mastered): -9 job energy cost
+38 Influence
+1 Experience


Job rackets have a lot of potential.. but the influence cost is very high for the good boosts! The Taxi Stand only offers -3 energy cost on jobs, which is hardly worth it, but the -9 energy cost on the Shipping Company could be worth something. Here is some math to think about:

There are 25 total racket slots.
A mastered racket produces 3 boosts per shake-down.
Shaking down a shipping company finishes in 4 hours and yields a -9 energy cost boost.
You could use these 75 boosts to do the "Bank Heist" job for a free 17 experience points.

This would be a grand total of 1275 free experience points every 4 hours.

While you can only buy 20 boosts a day, there appears to be no limit on the amount of boosts you can use.. meaning that while it might be a bit of work, this is definitely a viable way to power level a character.


Mafia Wars Rackets Overview

Here is an overview of the new rackets system in Mafia Wars. This was supposed to go along with the introduction of Moscow, but it has yet to be implemented yet.

When you click on the rackets tab, you have the option to "expand" or purchase a racket for a low price (around $5,000 in New York). You can purchase up to 25 rackets, and each time you purchase one it gets more expensive.

Despite this, they are overall pretty cheap - the final (25th) upgrade is only $1,000,000,000, and even with the racket change, the jobs pay pretty well (on the brand new account I made to test the guide I have $35,000,000 after mastering all of New York and buying all the racket slots).

Now, you can chose to "Shake Down" a racket, which costs Influence, which is a new stat. To repeat, you perform rackets using Influence as your currency to start them. You start off with 15 influence and it regenerates at 1 per hour (this does not refill when you level up).

When you click the "Shake Down" button, you are presented with a variety of options:

As you can see, there are 4 racket types: Cash, Attack, Defense, and Job rackets. Cash rackets, as advertised, give you a cash reward, while the other types of rackets give you a boost once they complete. Take a look at the picture below:

After you choose a racket to "shake down", you have to wait for it to finish before you collect the reward. The rackets have a variety of time lengths - anywhere from 4 hours to a couple days before they finish.

Three things you should know:

Rackets have mastery levels, just like jobs. By mastering a racket, you can unlock better rackets. For example if you master the "Taxi Stand" job racket, you can unlock the "Trucking Company" job racket.

Rackets have to be collected pretty quickly or they get "busted". If this happens, you waste the influence points you used to start the racket, which is bad, because:

When you collect from a racket, in addition to cash (or a boost) and a few experience points, you actually get influence as well. For example, the "Taxi Stand" racket costs 5 influence to start but pays out 5 influence as a reward (if you collect it right away), making it virtually free.

On top of the rackets being free, you regenerate influence at 1 per hour. So, you can spawn a lot of rackets total off of a small influence pool.

Let's say you start 3 taxi stands with your 15 influence.
Five hours later, you regenerate 5 influence.
You use this influence to start a taxi stand.
You collect your other 3 taxi stands for 15 influence.
You start 3 more taxi stands (now 4 total off of 15 influence).

You can do this to start a lot of rackets off of a relatively small influence pool. I have an account with 200 (for testing purposes) influence that currently has 250 influence worth of rackets.

Regeneration only comes into play if you do not collect a racket in time - then you lose the influence and have to wait for the regeneration (which is slow)!

My Take

While the whole system is interesting, I just do not see it being worth it unless they upgrade the rewards. In other words, as it stands I would not waste stat points on influence at all on my main account. If some of the job boosts (-energy cost on jobs) are really good, I can see people "farming" these on second characters; that is having a second character just dedicated to collecting the best racket boosts and sending them to their main character.

As it stands, there is just not a distinct enough advantage to skip over putting points in defense or attack to put them into Influence. I think it would be better implemented if your influence was not part of your free +5 points and just increased by 1 every couple levels or something like that.


Selling Your Inventory in Moscow

If you have been playing Moscow at all over the past couple of days, there is one thing that really stands out: you need a lot of Rubles to get through the content at a reasonable pace.

If you have a high level energy-based account like outlined in the Mafia Wars Leveling Guide, I would recommend selling as much of your inventory as you can when you finish the first two chapters. My original energy account is now done the content, and after selling my extra inventory (leaving just enough inventory to do a high-paying job), I ended up with around 45,000,000 Rubles.

That is a lot of cash.. and the second chapter is 2-3 times more expensive than the first. If trends continue, players will need millions of Rubles to get through the content. New York money was essentially worthless, money is somewhat tight in Cuba, and you simply need a lot of cash to get through Moscow, no way around it.

My educated guess is that Chapter 3 will not be available for two more weeks. So, to keep your bribes down, as soon as you finish the first 2 chapters, sell off all your inventory save a few pieces and start loading up on rubles. In the long run (i.e. over a week) you will have made your money back that you lost by only getting half price for your items. If you stock up 100,000,000 Rubles for Chapter 3 & 4 release, you will in great shape when they come out.


Mafia Wars Moscow Achievements

Here are the new achievements for Mafia Wars Moscow:

Rossiya Matushka: Earned by traveling to Moscow.

Pank n' Spank: Earned by defeating Dmitri Leonov.

Edit (thanks anon user):

Only 2 achievements that I've seen so far - I'll keep an eye out for new achievements.