Selling Your Inventory in Moscow

If you have been playing Moscow at all over the past couple of days, there is one thing that really stands out: you need a lot of Rubles to get through the content at a reasonable pace.

If you have a high level energy-based account like outlined in the Mafia Wars Leveling Guide, I would recommend selling as much of your inventory as you can when you finish the first two chapters. My original energy account is now done the content, and after selling my extra inventory (leaving just enough inventory to do a high-paying job), I ended up with around 45,000,000 Rubles.

That is a lot of cash.. and the second chapter is 2-3 times more expensive than the first. If trends continue, players will need millions of Rubles to get through the content. New York money was essentially worthless, money is somewhat tight in Cuba, and you simply need a lot of cash to get through Moscow, no way around it.

My educated guess is that Chapter 3 will not be available for two more weeks. So, to keep your bribes down, as soon as you finish the first 2 chapters, sell off all your inventory save a few pieces and start loading up on rubles. In the long run (i.e. over a week) you will have made your money back that you lost by only getting half price for your items. If you stock up 100,000,000 Rubles for Chapter 3 & 4 release, you will in great shape when they come out.