Mafia Wars Moscow New Episodes Overview

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 3 & 4 just went live, earlier than was expected. I guess they are going with that whole under-promise and over-deliver thing.

At any rate, there's 2 new episodes up: Brigader (Episode 3) and Avtoritet (Episode 4). They also added new equipment, 2 more businesses, collections, and boosts.

And look, even an upgrade:

Armored Briefcase (armor): 25 attack, 36 defense. It is from the "Map Out The Escape Route" job in Episode 3 (chapter 1). It is available to both mafiya and vory if you are wondering.

My Impressions

Wow, I knew it was going to be expensive, but I had not planned on this!

On my high-end account, I played through the entire first tier of Episode 3 as Mafiya (could not use my boss timer because I used it earlier to get money / xp as a repeat) so I went over to Episode 4. I got about halfway through before running out of cash. I had about 160,000,000 Rubles saved up as well - in retrospect I should have been more diligent about this.

Rubles are the new blackmail photos - the only thing stopping me from progressing through the tiers is that I have to spend all of my energy getting more money!

One thing to note is that in Episode 4, the payout for jobs increases a lot. If you are having trouble with funds, try to unlock Episode 4 ASAP rather than trying to work through Episode 3 all three times. "Manage An Escort Service Catering to Soldiers" pays out $714,840 Rubles for 98 energy (with a +15% bagman).

Due to the high costs, the info might take me a bit more time to gather, but I will post is as I get it!