Mafia Wars Job Rackets

As mentioned before in the rackets overview post, there are 4 types of rackets: cash, attack, defense, and job rackets. Here is an outline detailing the job rackets, their progressions, and the rewards:

There are currently three total rackets in the "Job Rackets" category. Shaking down a racket results in 2 boosts (3 if the racket is mastered) that decrease the energy cost of jobs. There is only one progression path currently.

Taxi Stand (master this racket to unlock Trucking Company)

Cost: 5 Influence
Time until completion: 4 hours
Reward: Free Ride x2 (x3 if racket is mastered): -3 job energy cost
1 Experience point
5 Influence
+7% Racket Mastery (only shows 2% in picture because it was the last 2%)

You get an extra boost (3 instead of 2) if the tier is mastered.

Trucking Company (master it to unlock Shipping Company)

Cost: 16 Influence
Time to completion: 4 hours
Reward: 2x Truck Driver (3x if it is mastered): -6 job energy cost
16 Influence
+ 1 Experience Point
4% Racket Mastery

Shipping Company (currently the final Job racket, unlocked by mastering Truck Company and Taxi Stand)

Cost: 38 Influence
Time to completion: 4 hours
Reward: Fake Documents x2 (x3 if mastered): -9 job energy cost
+38 Influence
+1 Experience


Job rackets have a lot of potential.. but the influence cost is very high for the good boosts! The Taxi Stand only offers -3 energy cost on jobs, which is hardly worth it, but the -9 energy cost on the Shipping Company could be worth something. Here is some math to think about:

There are 25 total racket slots.
A mastered racket produces 3 boosts per shake-down.
Shaking down a shipping company finishes in 4 hours and yields a -9 energy cost boost.
You could use these 75 boosts to do the "Bank Heist" job for a free 17 experience points.

This would be a grand total of 1275 free experience points every 4 hours.

While you can only buy 20 boosts a day, there appears to be no limit on the amount of boosts you can use.. meaning that while it might be a bit of work, this is definitely a viable way to power level a character.