Mafia Wars Moscow Updates, News, Loot Changes

Quite a few needed (and appreciated) updates just went live tonight. First off, a new group of achievements was added to the game, which I covered in the prior post.

Additionally, the final two episodes of Moscow will be available next week (right on the game updates section of the Mafia Wars application).

Furthermore, stamina now only costs 1 stat point (instead of 2). It has only been 1 stat point for new players (with racket access) for some time now. This leads us to believe that all players will have access to rackets soon enough.

Finally, defensive items have gotten a huge stat boost. Now, as I mentioned in my earlier video post on fighting and on the change in the combat formula, you will not be able to win nearly every fight on offense regardless of large stat differentials.

Here are the items that have been changed:


Gaff Hook: 20 attack, 35 defense (old: 30 defense)

Dillinger's Wooden Gun: 12 attack, 45 defense (old: 42 defense)

Arana Net Gun: 16 attack, 40 defense (old: 38 defense)


Armored Limousine: 16 attack, 37 defense (old: 36 defense)

Private Jet: 12 attack, 39 defense (old: 38 defense)

Armored State Car: 30 attack, 42 defense (old: 38 defense)

Capone's Armored 341A: 14 attack, 42 defense (old: 38 defense)

Tiger Tank: 18 attack, 48 defense (old: 43 defense)

Hydrofoil: 8 attack, 38 defense (old: 37 defense)

Low Rider: 12 attack, 44 defense (old: 38 defense


Camouflage Body Armor: 18 attack, 34 defense (old: 28 defense)

Red Coat: 2 attack, 38 defense (old: 32 defense)

Galea: 18 attack, 45 defense (old: 42 defense)

There are the changes that I picked up - post in comments if I missed any armor pieces and I will update accordingly. As far as the release of Episodes 5 & 6 goes - keep an eye on the Mafia Wars Guide homepage for updates!