Mafia Wars Moscow Episode 3 & 4 Job Mastery Rewards

More combat items from mastering episodes 3 & 4:

For mastering Episode 3 (Brigadir):

Ex-KGB Bodyguard (armor): 48 attack, 30 defense

For mastering Episode 4(Avoritet):

Cossack Armored Vest: 18 attack, 48 defense

More Moscow information soon - check the Mafia Wars Guide homepage for updates. I must say though, these items are exceptionally poor rewards, especially given Moscow's difficulty. For example, Ex-KGB Bodyguard is barely better than the Shturmovik that is just a regular drop from vory in episode 4(by the way, the Vory vs Mafiya page is updated to include episode 4). Hopefully they will surprise us with a New York-like reward for finishing off episode 6.