Mafia Wars Moscow - Solving the Money Problem

By browsing through the comments on my last couple of Mafia Wars Moscow posts, it is easy to see there is one recurring theme: the jobs in Moscow cost a ridiculous amount of money! To show you all what I have been doing to make money, I present to you my first video(s). Forgive me in advance for the mic (it's a bit fuzzy) - I know I need a new one. Also, forgive me for the editing (or lack thereof), this is my first time using Camtasia.

Video 1: Making Money in Moscow With Fighting

In this video, I show how I used a level ~280 account with high attack/defense to make close to 700,000 Rubles with about 30 stamina. If you can't see the video, here are the cliff notes:

1. You can not win money in fights from players who are knocked out (under 20 health).
2. Most players attack people at the top of the fight list because scrolling down takes work.
3. Most players attack people with small mafias because they are guaranteed to win.
4. As a result, players with 501 mafia size are almost always alive, so you have a better chance to win money off them.
5. In the video, I made around $700,000 Rubles off of 30 stamina (video was not edited). When you consider that you regenerate 320 stamina a day, it's not bad at all.

Video 2: Making Money With an Energy Account

This video is pretty straight forward. On my energy account, I simply have sold all of my equipment and been doing the same episode 4 job over and over again, netting about 40,000,000 rubles off of my energy pack. I also call for help every day on the boss fight for an extra 2.5 million rubles.