What is Job Mastery ?

Prove that you've got what it takes to completely master each of the jobs available to you and we'll provide you with a reward each time you complete a mastery level. Master all three levels of every job in a tier and we'll give you something extra special.

Each time you complete a level of mastery, you'll receive a skill point that you can spend on improving your character. Complete the next level of mastery for that job and you'll receive another skill point, and so on. Additional rewards are provided each time you complete a level of mastery in all of the jobs of a particular tier:

Mastery 1: Tier Title
Mastery 2: "Skilled" Tier Title; +5% to loot drops in that tier
Mastery 3: "Master" Tier Title; +10% to loot drops in that tier; bonus item

If you want to find out what those special bonus items are, you had better get started on mastering those jobs! Remember though, you have to complete all of the previous tiers first before you can receive the rewards from the higher tiers. As an example, you won't get the Associate title until you've completed the first level of mastery for the Street Thug jobs as well.