Witness Protection Program

Facebook is great for keeping in touch with close friends, but what happens when you add 500 strangers to your Mafia Wars? Do you really want them to have your private email and cell phone number?

Some people quickly delete their Mafia members from their facebook friends. There are several problems with doing that. The biggest being you can’t help each other on jobs. I’ve even had people delete me before adding me to their mafia.

So what’s the solution? The witness protection program of course! AKA Friend Lists. You should have a minimum of two friend lists. One for your mafia and one for your real friends. That way you can filter out all the mafia stuff and see what your friends are up to and vice-versa.

The real benefit of adding all of your mafia members to their own friends list is you can control what information they are able to see on your profile. Don’t want them to look at your family pictures or see your cell phone number? Just block em.

Here is a Step-by-Step How To Join the Witness Protection Program!

1) Log into facebook
2) Click on Friends -> All Friends


3) Create a list for your Mafia and select/add everyone currently in your mafia to the list. For my list I called it mw for Mafia Wars. You can call it Mafia or Games or whatever you like.


4) Now that you’ve created your list and added everyone you need protection from to it you need to setup the privacy protection. In the top right hand side of facebook select Settings -> Privacy Settings


5) Click on Profile


6) Here you will find yourself in the basic tab. Select the drop down list from anything you wish to hide and select Customize.


7) A new screen will pop-up. Where it says Except These People you want to enter your list name as created in step 3.


8) Repeat step 7 for everything you want to hide in the basic tab then click on the Contact Information tab and repeat step 7 for everything you want to hide in there.


9) If you want to hide your pictures tab, video’s tab, and notes from your mafia you will need to edit these settings for each application. As in step 4 in the upper right you will want to mouse over settings and click on application settings. Edit each application’s settings and disallow your mafia.

10) You are done! Remember you probably want them to be able to see your wall so they can see requests for help on jobs and wish lists.

11) Did I say you were done? Now go back and make a second list with all of your close friends and add them to it. That way when you are viewing your wall you can click on the list on the left side under filters and see what they are up to without scrolling through 100’s of mafia posts!

One final note: Your non-mafia friends might get upset with all of the gift and job help requests from your game. You can edit the settigns of mafia wars so that these posts don’t flood your real friends walls.

Source: Mafia Wars Cheats and Strategy