How To Make Fast Money in Mafia Wars?

Step 1
Do missions that have high payouts. You can see how much money each mission in Mafia Wars gives you by looking at the description under the jobs tab. Complete missions that have low energy cost but high payouts. Some missions in Mafia Wars will cost less energy but payout high amounts of money. Completing these missions will allow you to get more jobs done and allow you to earn more money faster in Mafia Wars. (refer to Mafia Wars - Guide to Topping the Mafia List)

Step 2
Buy Property. Buying property in Mafia Wars on Facebook will allow your character to bring in income every hour or so, depending on the class that you have chosen for your character. You must purchase undeveloped spaces before you can buy actual properties. Every time you log into Mafia Wars on Facebook, buy as many properties as possible to help build your Mafia's income.

Step 3
Ask your Mafia Wars friends to promote you to their Safecracker or Bagman. If you have 2 or more Mafia Wars friends, try to get them to promote you to both so that you have multiple oportunities to gain more money.

  1. Safecrackers in Mafia Wars gain a certain percent more cash from fights.
  2. The Bagman in Mafia Wars allows you to gain a certain percent more cash from jobs. If you are promoted to either of these, you will have a chance to gain more money faster while playing Mafia Wars on Facebook.

Step 4
Rob other mafias. You can rob other Mafia's property by clicking on the Fight tab and then going to Robbing. Rob mafias that have close to the same amount of members as you and close to the same level so that you will get the maximum cash reward without taking a chance of failing. This will help you earn money faster in Mafia Wars on Facebook.